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There is only one word that can describe this ... "communication." Sit down with that person and both of you talk. No yelling, screaming, but listen to each other. Ask how she/he feels and vice verse. Don't take offence if they say something about you that bothers them and realize, that none of us are perfect and most of us try all our lives to better our inner self and be good people, but we all make mistakes and mistakes are necessary in order for us to learn anything in life. No ones relationship is perfect and I've known my husband for 38 years and been married to him for 33. We have our arguments, we know now it's best to get out of each others face, then when we cool off we sit down, talk it out, and listen to how each other feels. We always manage to find some middle ground between us and that's called "respect." We know one thing ... we love each other. So many people just think about how they feel and never take into consideration how that other person feels. Until we learn that, then life is going to be a downward spiral. For those that treat us with respect we should give it back. My own opinion is, no one will ever be perfect, and I don't think we are meant to be, and until the day we die, we just keep plugging away trying to make things better within ourselves and hopefully making some good changes in those around us. Have that talk, and see where each of you can better your relationship. Sometimes working hard, worrying about bills and responsibilities can make anyone of us lose sight of the very thing we should hold close to us and treasure. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How can you fix your breaking relationship?
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How do you fix relationship problems with out breaking up?

talk about it ...face to face or on the telephone....DO NOT let someone talk for you or him/her if you really like each other then it will work out

What is the cost of breaking up a relationship with girlfriend?

No more relationship with that girl.

Your girlfriend broke up with you because she wants to fix some problems?

if she broke up with you to fix things then there is something wrong with that because in the long run all you will be doing is breaking up and dating again and every time you get into an argument you will be breaking up and that isn't a healthy relationship at all. talk to her and tell her that if she wants to fix things then she needs to talk to you about it and breaking up isn't the logical thing to do. in a healthy relationship you talk to your partner and discuss what is going on and problems that you might have. tell her that if she would like to continue dating you then she needs to talk about her concerns with you and not just break up with you because you don't want to play games with her.

How do i fix my relationship?


What does relationship molding mean?

It means to fix or improve a relationship.

How can I fix a broken relationship?

There is a few ways you can fix a broken relationship. You can do what the other person likes and talk about what you do not like and what you do like.

How is counseling a relationship?

Counseling helps you fix problems you have in your relationship and help you to have a stronger relationship with your significant other.

Do women ever change their minds about breaking up?

Yes women do change their minds about breaking up sometimes, believe me I myself am a girl. Even though I never been in a relationship I know cause it happened to one of my friend who was thinking about breaking up with her BF. Then she changed her mind and changed her mind again because they were in a long distance relationship and they broke up. So yeah I hope this answer helps. If you want some real advise find what are the problems in the relationship and try to fix them or work them out to where both of you can be happy.

Are Jason Trawick and Britney Spears breaking their relationship?

No, Jason Trawick and Britney Spears are not breaking their relationship. The couple just recently engaged in December 2011.

What is a person who helps to fix a relationship called?

how can you help your friends with there problems

What Women Really Want when they say you need to work on this relationship?

your probably doing something wrong. it doesn't exactly mean your breaking up or something like that just try to figure out what your doing wrong and fix it. :)

Do Eclipse and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer have bad content?

well Bella and Edward talk about having a physical relationship in eclipse but in breaking dawn they do have a physical relationship and Bella is prgnant and has her baby

What does it mean when someone says 'it's your loss' when talking about ending a relationship?

it means that breaking up the relationship will be worse for you then for them

How do you fix my relationship?

Answer First, you have to determine what is wrong in the relationship and then take it from there. Talk to the person that you are in the relationship with and try to work things out.

How do you save a relationship from dying?

Bring up problems with the relationship to your partner and with solutions on how to fix them and hopefully they can be resolved and the relationship can continue to live on.

What are some ways to breaking a relationship with god?

Selling yourself to Satan.

What is the difference between breaking things up and breaking up with your girlfriend?

well breaking things means your tearing things apart. breaking up with your girl friend means you guys are no longer in a mental nor physical relationship

How do you fix the relationship?

By going back to the way you started off.

How do you fix an un happy relationship?

Try not to be a total idiot.

What does a stitched up heart symbolize?

A relationship that need to be fix

If you take a break from your relationship and go out with other guy is that cheating?

No. Taking a break from a relationship is another word for breaking up for a while.

What year-on-year telling?

it depends. if u have been in the relationship for awhile without constantly breaking up then you are in a very good relationship.

Which is more difficult proposing marriage or breaking up with your partner?

Breaking up is the worst thing that one has to go through through in a relationship. Its easy to propose someone as it is going to give them a good feeling about the relationship.

Can be bitrh Without breaking virgin?

yes...but fix the spelling in your question and also reword it while your at it.

How do you fix a standstill relationship?

well the best way i would is to apoligize