How can you force yourself to stop eating so you look nice and thin for summer?

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2006-09-15 02:49:13

Not only that, they're dangerous. This summer's almost over.

You've got nine months to shed some pounds before next summer. If

you drop just five pounds a month, that's 45 pounds, which, for all

we know, may be too much weight for you to lose. So, don't force

yourself to stop eating. Just put the fork down sooner. Especially

at lunch. We Americans eat way too much at lunch. No juice or

regular soda. Switch to water or diet soda. Stop eating

high-calorie snacks like Fritos. Cut out the desserts except for

one day a week when you treat yourself to a reasonable portion of

ice cream or cake -- not a whole freakin' quart of Ben &

Jerry's or an entire box of Entennman's chocolate glazed donuts.

(Have you ever seen how many calories and grams of fat are in just

ONE of those suckers?!) Try to increase your exercise: walk, run,

play tennis, have more sex (with protection, of course) -- whatever

floats yer boat. If you can create a 500-calorie-per-day deficit by

doing the things I mentioned, you can lose a pound a week, which is

-- let's see -- 4.33 weeks per month x 9 months = 39 pounds. You'll

look great in a two-piece!

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