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How can you get LimeWire for free?

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Limewire Basic is free, check the link to the right. The best and most secured way of getting limewire for free and its newest version from official limewire, instead of a torrent. Go to and then click on the download limewire pro botton and then choose which one format best fit you're computer depending on whether if its windows xp, mac, etc. This is password protected and when you download it, it will ask you for the password and you can do this at any time and as many times without purchasing or downling from a torrent. The password contains capitalized letters and should should be typed as it is inorde to get a sucessful download. the password is: there is a good way to download lime wire to your PC. i found 2 ways. you could either go to and click the download link. or go to and type in LIME WIRE and choose from different series..

2009-10-26 04:40:04
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How can you get Limewire for free and not being a member in LimeWire?

limewire got shutdown

What is the deal with LimeWire?

you can get free songs and videos on limewire

Where can one download LimeWire for free?

There are many places that one can download Limewire for free. One place to download Limewire for free is oldapps. Limewire cannot be foud on the official website due to a court order.

What is the cost for LimeWire Pro?

The basic version of LimeWire is free, but if one is wanting LimeWire Pro there is a fee attached. One can purchase LimeWire for $21.95 with 6 months of free updates or $34.95 with a year of free updates.

Where can you download wcw theme songs for free?

limewire limewire

What is a good website that is free and like LimeWire but is not LimeWire?

Where can you download Again by Flyleaf free aside from LimeWire?


Where can one access a Limewire free download?

Anyone can access a limewire free download easy online just go to google , and from there type in Limewire free download. Sites like softonic, limewireoffical, and kioskea all have limewire for free download on there site.

Where you can download right round free?


Where you can free download hsm2 English songs?

from limewire. but you must download limewire first, and it is 100% free.

Where can you download LimeWire mobile?

you can go to and try limewire for free

Is downloading songs in LimeWire is free?

yes, downloading songs in limewire is free unless you get limewire pro. But most of what you download will be illegal. Because you have not paid for it you are stealing it.

Is LimeWire 5 free?

yes its free

Is LimeWire 5.1.2 free?

yes it is free

Is downloading LimeWire free?

Yes it is free.

Where can one download Limewire Basic for free?

You can download Limewire Basic for free by going to the company's official website, Limewire. A website called "Site Velocity Test" also has a link available that users can click on and download Limewire Basic for free.

Is LimeWire free?


Where can you get free songs and downloads for an iPod Nano?

Limewire!!!!!!! yes. LIMEWIRE! it has never let me down. =] limewire is mazing.

Does LimeWire cost to download?

No, Limewire is free, but downloading through it is mostly illegal.

Is LimeWire virus free?

No. Limewire (the free version) without you noticing will fill your computer with all sorts of files that are viruses. Limewire PRO now comes with an anti-virus...

How do you download LimeWire to itunes for free music?

Don't do it. Limewire is full of junk you dont want on your computer. Nothing is free.

Is LimeWire illegal if you pay for it?

Limewire itself is legal, but downloading for free is not. if you pay for it, its ok.

Where can I download a lot of famous free karaoke songs on the internet besides LimeWire?


Is LimeWire a free download website?


Do you have to register to get free muscic?