How can you get a boy to like you?

You can't force a boy/girl to fall in love with you, or like you, but you can impress them, and that will be a start, try smelling nice, use a nice perfume, nothing too strong though, just, a simple cute smell, and make sure you have a fresh face, no spots! And little makeup, maybe lipgloss and mascara, boys don't like girls with a make-up mask on! D: It turns them off, if your 10-13, I suggest you don't dress like a tart, maybe, wear something you wear everyday, and keep smiling.. :] 14-16, maybe, you could start wearing make-up, and give him some jokes, and dress nice, and maybe flirt? 17-20, be casual, wear as much make-up as you like, get his number, go on dates, ask about him, get to know him, tell him everything about you, just, be your self, you don't need to pretend to be somebody else or fake your life to get someone to like you. :] Don't lie, and say your dad is a policeman and my mum owns a beauty salon, just tell the truth, if the boy doesn't like it, then he isn't worth it. :] Good luck! o: