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If it was a wrongful repossession, get an attorney and they will get a copy of it. Otherwise, what could you possibly do with it?

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Q: How can you get a copy of your repossession paper when the company will not help?
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What is replevlin?

The judicial method of repossession - in other words most states allow for self-help repossession but when a repossession can not be accomplished using self-help the lender will file an action in court to recover the property

What is Self help repossession?

It means YOU do it YOURSELF.

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Can police help the repossession men take your car in Michigan?

Possibly, but they can certainly prevent you from interfering, as it is no longer your car, hence the repossession.

Who is responsible for damage to the yard during a repossession in Florida?

The LIENHOLDER is ultimately responsible for anything that happens during a self help repossession.

How do you find a qualified manager or repo agent in Los Angeles to run a new repossession company part time?

== == Put a listing in the help wanted section of the Sunday newspaper. == ==

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you should go on Microsoft word gives you the sound and everything

Can you be arrested for not turning over your car for repossession in georgia?

I own a repo company in Washington state, so I'm not a expert in Georgia laws, however in most cases states consider repossession or self-help repossession to be a civil matter. Most likely your local PD would not take action against you. This is provided there is not a court order, forcing you to turn over your vehicle.

How do you get cell phone records?

By contacting your local cell phone company will help you get a copy of your cell phone records if not, they can most likely help you find a way that you can.

Where can one find repossession help for free?

One can obtain repossession help for free from public defenders who will take the case. This question is kind of difficult, so please tell give me a positive grade on it and be understanding.

What is the law on repossession of property in Michigan?

Self help and you may not breach the peace.

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