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It's called abandonment, and it's cause for an at-fault divorce. You don't need "consent" to divorce the spouse who has abandoned you. how long must spouse be gone, to count as abandonment days, weeks, months or years?

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Q: How can you get a divorce from a missing husband?
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Can you divorce a missing husband and file for abandonment?

Yes, but you need to consult a lawyer for the requirements in your area.

How can you divorce your husband if you can not locate him?

Talk to your attorney. There are many different methods acceptable to the court for service of papers to a missing person.

Is there a divorce policy in Egypt?

Yes, but it is much harder for a wife to divorce her husband than for a husband to divorce his wife in Egypt.

When did Alice walker divorce her husband?

no she did not have a divorce

Can your husband filed a divorce in Illinois if you are pregnant?

Yes, your husband can file for a divorce in Illinois if you are pregnant.

What happens if the queen were to divorce her husband?

No divorce allowed

Can you be forced to divorce?

no you can not be forced to divorce your husband or wife

Can your husband divorce you in Las Vegas without consent?

can your husband get a divorce in las Vegas without your consent

Can you file for divorce if your husband left for Mexico?

You can file for divorce even if your husband was still living at home. However, divorce laws vary by state.

Does your husband want a divorce?

The best way to know whether your husband wants a divorce is to ask him. If he does, then you can talk to him about counseling.

Can you divorce your husband while being married?

Yes, in fact the only way you can divorce your husband is while you are married to him.

Can my husband file a divorce without marriage certificate?

Can a husband and wife get divorce without marriage certificate around them

How do you divorce in Albania?

When you want to divorce from a husband/wife, you just tell his/her parents that he/she is not your husband/wife any longer.

Can a husband get a divorce without the wife seeing and or signing the divorce papers?

Yes, but only in very special circumstances. If the wife is missing or dodging the papers, sometimes the judge will go ahead and approve the divorce. However, if it is being done that way just to be sneaky, no. A judge will not approve that.

I don't know where my husband is can you file for a divorce?

Yes, a person can file a divorce if the husband is not around. An attorney will be able to file paperwork with the courts to start divorce proceedings.

Do you have to grant your husband a divorce?

No i do not

What to do with an abusive husband?

divorce him

How do you get a divorce on iamfam for woman?

you can not get divorced but i will tell you this is hate my husband on so i feel your pain if you want to divorce your husband.

Can you get married if you are still married but cannot find a new husband?

You already have a husband and just because you want another husband unless you divorce your first husband (at least in Western Countries) then you would be a bigamist which is against the law. File for your divorce; get the divorce and you are free to find another husband.

Can you divorce without your husband consent in Zimbabwe?

It depends on the reason for the divorce

If you divorce husband and sell later will you have to pay him?

No you may not have to, if it was brought after the divorce.

How do I divorce my husband in prison and I do not have contact with him?

Consult a good divorce attorney.


Hire a lawyer who specialises in divorce.

Can you file for a divorce in nys without your spouses SSN?

In NYS you can file for a no fault divorce without getting consent from your husband. As a result, you will not need his information to serve your husband divorce papers.

What to do to an unfaithful husband?

cheating is grounds for divorce. either get a divorce or become swingers.

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