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You can't get a girl to flirt with you. Either she wants to on her own or it ain't gonna happen. Try another approach such as asking her out for a supper for two, see where that takes you.

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How do you Make a girl like you by just talking to her?

The key is to flirt. Be kind and friendly. Don't make fun of the girl especially her race, her hobbies, and her friends and family.

How do you flirt at 14?

You just have fun. If you are a boy...... You just have fun, don't get too touchy, and make the girls laugh. Also compliment them. Also be friendly If you are a girl....... Just be friendly, fun, and nice.

How do you tell a ex crush that you still like them?

well, you kind of give clues, and well first of all you have to get friendly with them, make sure that they trust you and are happy with your friendly relationship, then you give clues, try to flirt with them and bingo.

How flirt with girl?

to flirt with a girl, there are many ways to flirt. You could wink or wave at her when she stares at you. Every time you talk to this girl ,make sure you are not nervous. You could also google for a whole list of ways to flirt.

What is the best friendly flirt to say?

No that dress does not make you look fat... Just kidding!!!

Why would guy flirt with girl?

To make her his girlfriend

How do you get a boy to like you when he's dating another girl and doesn't know who you are?

first make shire he notices you by going up to him and be all friendly with him then when y'all become friends flirt around with him

How do you make a girl be your friend?

be nice, friendly and gentlemanlike. or if ur a girl, than just be nice and friendly.

How do you make a girl lough?

you can flirt with heryou can make yourself look stupid but DON'T overdo it!

How do you flirt with a girl if you are a girl?

1st.... make sure she is into that kinda stuff. then its basicallythe same as flirting with a guy.... but with a girl.

How do you get a girl jealous with another girl in 6th grade?

Make the guy she likes flirt or ask out another girl.

Is it bad to flirt with your girlfriend friends?

It will not make your girl friend happy.

How to make a girl want to be your girlfriend?

flirt with her and make you realize what a great and nice person you are...LOL

How do you make a boy fancy if he likes another girl?

flirt loads make the other girl seem like a real btch.

How do you make Man want to go from just friends to relationship?

Flirt with him a bit then tell him how you feel

How do you get a high relationship in sims?

You just have to make them talk, and friendly stuff.

How can an 11 year old girl get a boy to like her?

flirt with him girl make him feel like hes the king

How do you get a girlfriend in thrillville?

Go Up to A GirlSelect HerType"Yo Girl Go Make Me A Sandwhich"If You Get Slapped You Have FailedIf You Earn A Sandwhich Then Your WelcomeAll you do is talk to the girl character and then when you get the chance to flirt, flirt with her then ask her out.

How do you make a girl your girlfriend?

This is coming from a girl: First off make sure she likes you. Then flirt. Then flirt more. Then just a little more until you are sure you have her "in the bag" then ask her out!! after a couple dates maybe a kiss, she will be your girlfriend. GOODLUCK

How can a girl flirt with a guy?

just make him laugh:) text him dont be creepy stalkerish

How to get a popular girl to like you?

You flirt with her and make her feel special. Treat her with respect that she deserves.

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