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First, there are many ways for an abuser to become healthy. The main solution is to decrease stress in the abuser's life by first finding the main stressors. Counseling and therapy can both catalyze the process of finding the main stressors in a persons life.

This is only a solution if the abuse isn't deadly in nature. If there is physical abuse, call the police or remove yourself from the situation immediately. However, in the case of mental abuse, it could delineate any multitude of mental diseases for the abuser, including depression or bipolarism. If talking things out with a loved one doesn't work the first time, it's time to investigate professional help.

To start getting help, visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website: or call 1.800.799.SAFE

Other helpful links - Child Abuse Help - Abuse Victim help - Teen Dating help

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Q: How can you get a narcissistic husband to stop verbally abusing his spouse to stop a conversation he does not want to hear?
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Is it reasonable that you not want sex for months after being verbally abused by husband?

yes, it is very reasonable. if a husband has been verbally abusing his wife, the wife should tell someone, perhaps see a counseler. you dont want it to go any further

Is it illegal to verbally abuse a man?

No, it is not illegal to verbally abuse a man, but if the man was smart he would leave. Verbal abuse can leave just as many scars for a victim as physical abuse. There are programs for abused men that they should attend and learn tools in order to get out of the verbally abusive situation. Example: If a wife is verbally abusing her husband and he decides to divorce her and he can prove she is verbally abusing him then the court could press charges against her (highly unlikely) but you would be granted a divorce.

Husband wont hold conversation with wife or open up about what he is feeling instead a fight and he becomes extremely angry and verbally abusive?

One word: Drugs.

My husband is verbally abusive?

If your husband is verbally and emotionally abusive, you can break the negative cycle by seeking the services of a family counselor or filing for divorce.

What happens when you ignore a narcissistic ex husband?

Why care? He is your 'Ex'.

What happens when you stand your grounds with a narcissistic husband?

It isn't pretty

Why do people verbally abuse their partners?

I believe that they do it because they want to feel powerful and in control. A verbally abusive person has poor self esteem and abusing someone makes them feel superior. Anyone that abuses you for no reason does not love you. I have only been married three years but my husband has never said a bad word to me in his life.

Why does your husband abuse you verbally and mentally?

Because he hates you<3

Your ex husband is mentaly abusing your son and maybe sexual abusing to?

Take yourself and your son and get out of there and go to a shelter if nessary

Does your addiction give your husband the right to verbally abuse you?

NO. No one has the RIGHT to abuse you whether or not you have an addiction or not. Talk to him and tell him that whether he has noticed or not, he's been verbally abusing you and that it is not right. Instead he should be there to get you some help. If he's rather ignorant about it, then talk to someone closer you know, they might be able to help you. But no one, NEVER ever can abuse you, whether you have an addiction problem or not.

Where can you get help if your husband is abusing you?

Call 911 or go to a battered woman's shelter.

When I tell my narcissistic husband that I never want to be with him again what do you think he will do?

Beat you with a shoe and tie you to a bed.

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