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How can you get a repossessed car back without paying off the debt in full?


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2015-07-15 21:45:04
2015-07-15 21:45:04

You must get the finance company to agree to terms. You can't get the car back by any means other than getting the finance company to agree to something. You do have a certain # of days to pay it off in full, but after than and other than that, it's their car.

I filed bankruptcy, Chp 13, 2days after my vehicle was repossessed earlier this week.My atty has promised my vehicle back to me within 3-4 days and is currently having those arrangmnts made., however I must drive to Atlanta from Macon to pick it up myself..Read up on filing Ch 13, especlly if you have alot of other dept.Its not as bad as it sounds.

keep on kidding yourself...ANY BANKRUPTCY is bad

Re: Bankruptcy. Unfortunately, since they recently revised the bankruptcy laws, bankruptcy may no longer be available to you.


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It is very difficult but if you have a good relationship with the bank they may allow you if you pay some of the debt down.

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If there is debt and the estate isn't paying for it, yes. The estate should make arrangements to resolve the issue. If they don't pay the loan, it can be repossessed.

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Yes, by paying off the debt.Yes, by paying off the debt.Yes, by paying off the debt.Yes, by paying off the debt.

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Your debt is then written off as the car covers the cost of the debt.

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