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From what I understand, you must meet with a judge and petition for your emancipation. Whatever paperwork your area requires must be correctly filled and filed. Whatever your reasons are for this must be extenuating and very well founded. You should probably seek out a nearby legal service and make an appointment to speak with legal counsel regarding what you're dealing with that gives you cause to desire emancipation. I'm not knowledgable in law or these legalities. This information is for reference only. Emancipation has consequences and responsibilities on you that you might not have considered or wish to have to bear in your youth. Its serious business.

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Q: How can you get emancipated from your adopted parents to live with your dad?
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How can you get emancipated from your adopted parents who are your grandparents so you can live with your dad?

Emancipation laws vary by state. You need to check the laws of the state that you reside in. Be aware that not all states have an emancipation statute. At a minimum, you would have to provide a valid reason that emancipation would be in your best interest (*just* wanting to move in with Dad is not a valid reason) and prove that you are capable of fully supporting yourself, which doesn

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How old does achild have to be to be emancipated from her dad?


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Depending on the emancipation laws in your state. Does your father have parents rights? If so I can teach him how to enforce them. See links

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If a mom gives permission but the dad doesn't can a child move out in Michigan?

If you mother has full custody, then yes. If both parents have custody, then no. If you are not emancipated, you cannot own property.

If child does not want to live with mom or dad so they live with a friend do the parents still have to pay child support?

No, not if the child lives where the parents dont agree. However, the friend can file as a foster parent to say that the parents abandoned the child which would either cause the parents to loose custody and/or the minor to become emancipated.. In the longrun if the government ends up supporting the child, then Yes you will end up paying the government back for supporting your child.

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