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Most local exercise clubs or gyms have personal trainers on staff or have lists of those who want to pick up an occasional customer.

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Q: How can you get in touch with a personal trainer or a body builder?
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What does Roger from the Jersey shore do for work?

He is a body builder and trainer.

What does your Body Mass Index describe about your body?

It describes if you are at a healthy weight for your height and age. If you go to a doctor or personal trainer they can tell you it.

What does your Body mass index describe your body?

It describes if you are at a healthy weight for your height and age. If you go to a doctor or personal trainer they can tell you it.

Do I need a personal trainer for body shaping?

A personal trainer can be a good idea to help people to get fit and shape his body. A qualified trainer can give motivation, good advice about healthy habits and technical knowledge for the training.

How does the knowledge of the muscles of the body benefit you as a personal trainer?

How does knowing the workings of a car benefit a mechanic? A large part of being a personal trainer is strengthening, and ytoning those muscles. How are you going to do that if you don't know how to work them, or even what they do?

Is Mike Chang an ISSA certified personal trainer?

Yes he is officially an ISSA certified personal trainer. P.S. i have been using his 3 body building keys as well as following his blog regularly and his techniques do work.

the best body builder product?

Is protein a body builder?


Who is the best personal trainer?

Athletic Body Designs is one of the leading Personal training company in Los Angeles that offer you the most effective and time efficient personal training based on your body and your goals from certified personal trainers. We have experienced fitness trainers, who are capable to provide professional services.

Where can I get a extreme body workout from?

There are often many infomercials running that offer great body workouts. You could also go to a gym and request a personal trainer that will challenge you.

Which exercise help build lean muscle I want to firm up but not look like a body builder.?

You can work out on the elliptical machine that can help you sculpt your body. You can also do strength training and work out with a trainer who can give you many ideas.

How much does a personal trainer cost?

The personal trainer cost depends on a variety of factors. There are many important guidelines to follow when choosing a personal trainer. People often make the mistake of only looking at the personal trainer cost when making a decision on who is going to train them. Here are some very important guidelines to look at before selecting your personal trainer: 1) Does your personal trainer have their own gym? If they do, expect to pay more due to the overhead costs. 2) Is your personal trainer certified? This is HUGE, make sure you hire someone who has their certificate in personal training. One of the most popular certifications is the ACE certification. Don't be embarrassed to ask, it's your money, your body, you have a right to know! 3) People often over look this one! How much experience does your personal trainer have? Trainers with more experience usually charge more, HOWEVER, new trainers usually are equipped with the latest technology in terms of training as well as education! For someone with all specifications above, expect to pay around: $65-$100 per session. However, for more in depth information regarding the personal trainer cost and to learn more before selecting your personal trainer check out this great resource to help, just visit

What age is it ok to begin a weight training programme?

I can answer only by saying that my current trainer, a champion body builder, is 55 now and has been training for 42 years. Starting, with a good trainer, at age 13 did him no harm. He's in terrific shape. I do think beginning a program one should be under the supervision of a good trainer.

Is it normal for a personal trainer to ask to see you in a bikini?

That depends, what is the trainer trying to help you with? If he/she wants to see your current state of muscle definition and perhaps locate some problem areas, yea, that would be a good idea. If you're uncomfortable with a personal trainer being critical of your body, perhaps you should just go to the gym on your own.

What qualities should a personal trainer have?

A good personal trainer should have a strong discipline as well as the ability to lead. They should have a background in nutrition as well as the human body and be able to build a schedule for your workouts and eating, and also be able to build a list of proper foods for you to eat.

What candy bar was named after the terminology of a body-builder?

My guess: Nestle "Crunch"

What is a good personal trainer program near cicero Illinois?

There are so many good personal trainer programs offered near Cicero, IL that the list is to long to even mention. However, the best two that caught my attention is Bally Total Fitness and Harmony Body Fitness.

What kind of strength training equipment does your personal trainer recommend?

Any type of body building machine. You need something for each muscle in your body; legs, pecks, biceps, etc.

Who is the best personal trainer in the world?

Douglas Zimmerman- - Personal Trainer Tampa, FL He is the best in so many categories: nutrition, weight loss, body building, sports training, post physical therapy rehab, body sculpting, flexability, toning and firming, and ergonomics. He also is the best in office health and personal training for office people. - He starts out slow and improves your health.. when I started I was winded only to find out later all I was doing was learning stretches. Hah! Amscot. * I like to see the office actually get along for 30 minutes. I looked at some of Douglas's professional life as a body builder. The man is a beast. ^ Doug has chilsed my abs. I am now the best looking guy I know.

Can a hamster run fast?

if its a body builder

What nutrient is resposible for body fuel and body builder and body energy storage?


what are the requirements for personal training certification?

There are many ways that you can get certified as a personal trainer. Most take classes at a local community college and some take classes online. You need to understand the anatomy of the body and how it works.

What is the the spongy material found between the vertebrae called?

This spongy material is called the "VERTEBRAL BODY" ; ACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer, second edition, 2007

Would you hire a person trainer that you know is on steroids or a personal trainer that looks great and looks realistic?

This is really more of a personal choice, but I would hire a personal trainer that looks great naturally. Someone who has resorted to the use of illegal anabolic steroids may still help you reach your fitness goals, but you may feel some unnecessary pressure to perform at the level of a trainer who is using performance enhancers. In the end, a personal trainer is meant to teach you good habits, proper form and control and to motivate you to achieve your fitness AND health goals. It seems that someone who was doing such damage to their body by using steroids would not be as motivational in pursuing healthy strength and fitness conditioning.

Is it normal to experience knee pain as a beginner body builder?

Some mild knee pain is common when beginning a new workout. You should consult a trainer or your doctor if the pain persists for more than a few days.