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Loosen brake bleeder valves at each wheel.

Just loose enough for small brake fluid oooze.

IF no fluid comes out.. loosen fittings at master cylinder.. if no fluid oozes out.. "lightly" pump brake pedal until fluid oozes from master cylinder.. retighten fittings.. fluid should now be oozing from wheeel cylinders..

Drink cup of coffee.. then retighten wheel cylinder bleed valves.

Test drive vehicle in parking lot or driveway.

If pedal slams floor.. replace master cylinder.

Always use proper brake fluid for vehicle i.e. DOT 3, DOT 4 etc.

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Q: How can you get normal brake pedal after replacing rear brake lines and bleeding has been done on a Ford Explorer XLT?
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Is it normal if brake pedal goes within 2 inches of floor on a 1999 Saturn 1 after replacing brake pads and bleeding system if car stops ok?

No Good, Excessive brake travel!

How to fix spongy brakes on 1996 cutlass cierra?

Could be a few causes of that symptom, but most likely air in the brake lines or moisture in the brake fluid. Start by replacing the brake fluid in the reservoir and bleeding the brakes.

How to adjust parking brake on 97 ford explorer?

You can't generally as the adjustment is automatic, however the rear brake calipers have things on them you can click to take up slack in the cable. If you do this and find your brake is still not working properly, the cables have stretched and need replacing.Known as I own a '97 explorer.

Why do brake pads squeak after replacing pads?

Why do brake pads squeak after replacing pads?

Why would you have no brake pressure after replacing brakes rotors calipers and after bleeding the brakes on a 1991 cutlass supreme?

Bleed the master cylinder.& then rebleed the system.

2002 ford explorer antilock brake light on steady why?

It could be a fuse , a sensor , or some other problem with the antilock brake system ( as long as the red " brake " light in your dash is not on you still have " normal " braking )

Where are the bleeding points for Renault Megane scenic?

Brake bleeding, clutch bleeding, coolant bleeding. You need to be specific.

What is the brake bleeding procedure for a 2001 Chevy Venture Van?

How bleeding brake .01 chevy venture. Master cylinder replace

No steering power or brake power Ford Explorer 1999?

No steering power or brake power ford explorer 1999?

What fuse is for the brake lights on a 2004 Ford Explorer and where is it located?

Where is brake light fuse for 2004 Ford Explorer located

Why does the gearshift on a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT not come out of Park You don't have to depress the brake to unlock it All normal maintenance has been kept up?

replace brake lamp stop switch

My front brakes on my 2000 ford explorer have started to grind. What can I do?

Have them inspected by a competent mechanic, he or she will advise you. However it is reasonable to assume that after such a time the brake pads will need replacing.

When to replace brake fluid of Chevrolet optra 2005?

There is no specified time to replace the brake fluid of any vehicle, as long as you keep it topped up. Brake fluid does not 'wear out'. I have replaced the entire brake fluid on only a few occasions, and always only because I have been replacing seals or brake cylinders and it made sense to replace fluid then, before bleeding the system.

Do brakes pads and discs need replacing after 23000 miles on a C3 Citroen?

They need replacing when they wear out. They could wear out at 23,000 miles if you drive hard with lots of stops or ride the brake with your foot. It is not normal for them to need replacing that quickly but it all depends on how you drive.

How do you put brake fluid in a 1997 Ford Explorer?

To put brake fluid in a 1997 Ford Explorer, you must locate the brake fluid reservoir. Once you locate it, unscrew the cap, and replenish the brake fluid.

Can you change your brake fluid without bleeding them?


Why would brake pressure be normal when the car is off but low when the car is on?

I would try bleeding the brake lines first to make sure there is no air in the lines. Could be the brake booster (if applicable) or even the master cylinder. If your car has a brake booster maybe check the vacuum line on it first.

Can you mix synthetic brake fluid with normal brake fluid?

Yes. Normal brake fluid is actually synthetic

Brake lights will not turn of in vectra?

the switch on brake pedal is faulty and needs replacing

After replacing master cylinder and bleeding brakes on a 1999 Ford Taurus i still have no brakes what now?

Check for leaks under vehicle. You may have blown a hole through a rusty brake line.

Why do brake calibrators need replacing?

brakes do not release

Why do i have stuck on brake lights on a 92 explorer?

Defective or out of adjustment brake light switch.

What size are the brake lines in a 1998 ford explorer?

3/16 brake line

Why does the ABS light come on in your Explorer?

Something is wrong with the Anti-lock Brake System , it could be a fuse , a sensor , or some other problem . As long as the red BRAKE light is not on in your gauge cluster you still have " normal " brakes

Why is your ABS light on in your 2005 Ford Explorer?

There is something wrong with your Anti-lock Brake System , it could be a fuse , a sensor , or some other problem . As long as the BRAKE light is not on in your gauge cluster you still have " normal " brakes