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How can you get over a straight guy you've fallen for?


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October 22, 2009 10:57PM

I know it must hurt you a great deal, but the fact is ... he's straight and he's not going to change anytime soon. You can't make someone be what they aren't. Go out and date and just not at gay clubs. Gays know who are gay and you can meet them anywhere. Find someone that is interesting, fun, can be serious and listens to your hopes, dreams and feelings. Sometimes when we get into a group of any kind (women even with men) we fall into patterns and some women will quit dating for a time. It applies to gays as well. People simply get hurt. No doubt you find wonderful qualities in this straight guy (something you haven't found yet out there.) There is someone for you, but it takes time and be patient. You will get over this person in time. Whether we are straight or gay the heart hurts the same. All of us at sometime in our lives has had to go through heartbreak, but we do survive. In time the wounds close and we become open and ready to meet someone that will be important in our lives. Try not to be around this straight person if you can. Don't hang out at the same places he's at and don't try to be friends. Meet other people and get busy in your life once again. I found getting busy out there opens up so many doors and when YOU do, it's amazing who can pop into your life. Good luck Marcy