How can you get over your ex-boyfriend that you have been with for five years?

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2007-07-09 18:58:33

A permanent separation from a loved one can cause as much grief

as a death. My suggestions: * Accept that this is permanent. Let

yourself see that it takes 2 to make a love, and he does not love

you. * Let yourself experience the grief. Write poem about it if

you feel like it. Cry. Write about it in your journal. If you have

a trusted friend, talk to them about it. * Time - much time - will

lessen the grief. * Appreciate the good things this love has

brought you. * Have an interest and learn about this world and what

it is to be human - all you can. Knowledge brings a perspective of

the world which lets you not take things personally so that your

emotions are not your whole universe. One thing which distinguishes

us as human beings is that we have such strong & persistent

emotions. It is a part of being human. So are attachments. * You

will have other relationships. Everything which happens to us is an

opportunity for positive change - for something better to occur. *

Take it one day at a time. This will take awhile. Don't let anyone

rush you. Just don't bug the unwilling with your feelings. * Eat

& sleep well so you don't get too depressed. Depression can't

really take off if you stay as healthy as possible. * Remember

there are others who depend on you, as well. Show them that

adversity is something we can all cope with. Show them and yourself

that we are not alone. * Get grief counselling if you can.

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