How can you get residential custody of child as a single father?


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A single father, what does that mean?

Are you divorced, ever married to the mother of your child, or is the child adopted by you, or is the mother dead or out of the picture? If your question is "How does a Father obtain residential custody after a divorce or in a paternity case", then I can answer this question. Let me know what your grounds for custody are. What is it about the mother or other parent that makes it harmful for the child to remain in their care?

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Both parents are. The parent who does not have residential custody usually pay child support to the one who has residential custody to be used to pay for the child. Both have to pay for their child.

Of course. Same general custody rules apply for a parent if in the military or not.

He doesn't. He goes through the appropriate court and will gain primary residential custody if it is in the best interest of the child. You do not "take" anything.

Yes, unless there is a custody agreement in order. Neither mother or father has custody legally.

Only if unmarried to the father. Single mothers have sole custody in 49 states by default. This is regardless of whether she's living with the father or not. yes but if theres no legal paperwork then its whoever is holding the child

i have a son in my custody what is the law in the phillipines about child custody if a child abandoned by his father

If you're a single father, you have no assumed rights to the child until paternity has been established by a court of jurisdiction. As such that will need to be your first step. Then, if the child is in the custody of the state you can petition for custody to be transferred to you. You should consult with an attorney who specializes in family law who can review your situation and explain your options.

Father must petition for custody and court will weigh what situation is best for the child

No. If she tries then the father should immediately seek full legal and physical custody of his child.No. If she tries then the father should immediately seek full legal and physical custody of his child.No. If she tries then the father should immediately seek full legal and physical custody of his child.No. If she tries then the father should immediately seek full legal and physical custody of his child.

The mother has primary residential custody. However, the father has visitation rights which are likely set forth in a visitation schedule and he has the right to be included in any important decisions that affect the child. The father should review any documents related to his case including a separation agreement, visitation schedule, child support order and custody order.

Look for information on filing child abandonment against the father in your state. People do this if the father is not present in the child's life, not paying child support, or is abusive.

If married, when you divorce him and if single when the child is born. He will then have to prove paternity in court and can then petition for visitation, custody and also pay child support.

He will not get custody, but he can get supervised visitation.

No. If the child's' mother calls the police you could loss custody of your child and possible go to jail. If I was you I would contact a lawyer who specializes in child custody cases. If you can get a notarized letter from the mother saying it is okay and giving you full custody.

Single mother has sole control and custody, regardless of age, at the time of the birth. Father has a child support obligation, only.

How often is the father awarded custody of the child over the mother in North Carolina?

It is very likely that the father could get full custody of the child. It will depend upon the history of the father and if he is willing.

If it is in in the Indian context, then you will have to take permission from the court to take the child out of the State. Remember that the father has visitation rights and your taking the child out of the state shall have a directly negativebearing on such rights of the father. In custody matters,what weighs with the court is the welfare and wellbeing of the child and not the wishes and convenienceof the individual parents. So if on a petition presented to the court, you can satisfy that it is in the inerests of the wellbeing and welfare of the child that the child must be moved out of the state, you have a chance to succeed.

In the United States an unmarried mother has legal custody of her child unless and until the father establishes his paternity in court and requests custody and/or visitations.

If the mother is raising the child and the father has custody the mother should return to court and petition for custody and child support, especially if this is a matter of control. She should consult with an attorney or other legal advocate.

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