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How can you get rid of your Snorlax when every time you release it it comes back on Pokemon fire red?


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Oh I know.....................

Oh no wait I don't



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That's right. Capture every Pokemon in the Fiore Browser and Snorlax will wake up and you the browser and snorlax will be awake in a cave on sekra range

Almost every water Pokemon and sometimes even Pokemon like Snorlax or supposedly Rhydon

you have to capture every single Pokemon to get a snorlax then go to wintown and search non-stop in there! you can email me to

You can capture Sorlax by, after seeing every Pokemon in the browser, go to a cave at the base of the mountain. (The mountain is just north of Wintown/Ringtown - (Sorry! I can't remember which!)). Inside the cave, should be Snorlax. Hope this Helps!!!

Yes, you can. Every time you defeat the elite four, any pokemon that are special will reappear like the level 30 shiny gardose. Same thing goes with sudowoodo and snorlax.

To get to the Snorlax in Olive Jungle, you must first get every other Pokémon in the game on your Browser. (NOTE: This does not include the Special Pokémon: Deoxys, Mew, and Celebi.) Then, the Snorlax will have moved inside and will be walking around. You can then Capture it. Once you do this, you will have completed your Browser and officially beaten the game!

i dont think you can get a code to have all of the pokemon, but a code comes with the AR to have a full pokedex

i would get a list of his Pokemon and get every type that is super effective against each of his Pokemon and be at lease lvl 75+ for each Pokemon He has a level. 88 Pikachu, 84 Blastoise, 86 Charizard, 80 Lapras, 84 Venasaur, and a 82 Snorlax.

depends every Pokemon hatches at different times for instance magikarp because it is to pathetic while snorlax takes a really long time

Yes. They usually release one every year.

After you see him at the Twin Towers he comes around randomly. SO look every where!!

tyranitar is a big green Pokemon that every time it comes out it causes a sandstorm

well the tv show pokemon black and white comes on at 8 to 8:30 every morning on boomorang they have every episode like a day after each one comes out

Every Pokemon from every region except Unova

Slather Honey on the yellow trees. Munchlax has a 1% chance of appearing, and Heracross has a 4% chance. I recommend slathering Honey on every tree you see, waiting 6 1/2 hours, and checking all the trees. Another method is to import a Snorlax and Ditto and then breed them while the Snorlax is holding a Full Incense.

Well the easyest way to probably have gotten every one of them is to have a Pokemon emerald game in with diamon pearl or platinum because if you do you can easyley get a munchlax and evolve it into snorlax and get a milotic like 1, 2, 3,

Yes, there is every Pokemon on Indigo. The easiest way to find Pokemon is to go to the ROOMS.

No, Sometimes you need to trade. But you CAN OBTAIN every Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum. What no you can't.

Battle Every Single Character in the Game to meet all the Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl.

Basically every legendary Pokemon in every version is unbreedable

Get a Pokemon Game Guide. They're big catalouges of every pokemon, where they are in every game, when they evolve, how they evolve, and how rare they are in each game.

you can get every pokemon using codes you can get legendary pokemon such as mew regi's HO-OH Lugia every kind of pokemon

You can find every Pokemon put on a Pokemon game You can find every Pokemon put on a Pokemon game

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