How can you get rid of your car if you filed chapter 7 bankruptcy and the creditor is refusing to pick up your car due to low value and the junk yard won't take it and you can't sell it?

Drive it to the creditor, park in their lot, walk in with the keys and say "here it is", it's all yours. Drop the keys and registration on the desk of a loan officer and walk out. Don't wait for anyone to say anything. Just give them their car and leave. Don't keep it, don't buy it back. It's theirs, let them have it. If you want to have a friend offer to buy it from them for $20.00 (or whatever it's worth) on the spot, you could do that, but don't YOU buy it, it could mess up the bankruptcy and put you in trouble. You can later buy it from your friend if you want. But you'd be better off if you just let it go and get something else.