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i was caught cheating when the father of my children came across my phone bill. i want him to trust me again but i think its too late.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-07 02:50:07
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Q: How can you get the father of your children back if you cheated on him but you want him to trust you again?
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Should you take someone back after they cheated on you?

no! if they cheated on you, there not loyal enough to trust! theyll just do it again probly no! if they cheated on you, there not loyal enough to trust! theyll just do it again probly


not all people are the same

How could i trust my boyfriend again after he has cheated me many times?

It seems unlikely that you will ever be able to trust him.

Can you trust a girlfriend who cheated multiple times in the past?

Well if she has cheated on you multiple times, what is to say that she will not attempt it again? sure you can give her another chance... but no trust will be present.

How can you restore your trust again after your spouse cheated the second time?

don't trust because if its the second time the chance has gone and so is the trust

How do you get your boyfriend to trust you after you cheated on him?

All you can do is tell him that you are sincerely sorry, and will never do it again. The rest is up to him to decide if he can trust you again. Give him that right because he deserves it after what you did.

How do i regain trust with my husband i cheated on?

Trust is a thing once broken cannot be joined again. He must do something extraordinary to gain back your trust.

How do you gain your boyfriends trust again after you have cheated on him?

well when my gf cheated on me she suduced me and gave me so much head... we havent had problems since

How do you gain trust back in boyfriend of 27 years who has cheated?

This is just my opinion, but I dont think I would be able to trust again.

Is it possible to trust again?

After being let down, lied to or cheated on, you might think that you will never trust anyone again. The thing is, as cliche as it sounds, time is a great healer. With time and personal growth, it definitely is possible to trust again.

How do you prove you can be trusted again when you cheated on that person twice?

"just keep on saying your sorry and promise you'll nevber do it again" -previous answer ahahaha no. I'm guessing if you cheated on that person TWICE, and you want to date that person AGAIN, there's a reason why you cheated in the first place. If you cheated because it was too boring, then there's one reason (for example). If you just want that person to trust you again, then just don't share secrets. Make sure that if you guys hang out, you are there ON TIME, not LATE, or else that person will never trust you again.

What should you do if you are cheated by your friend?

salp him/her in the face (unless they have some strength on you) and never trust em again

Can you man trust his wife after she cheated?

I don't have a wife but I do know that I won't trust her at first. If she really try hard to rebuild my trust then maybe eventually I'll start trusting her again.

Should you trust your partner after they cheated lied and spied on you?

No, unless you really believe you can make things right again...

What do you do when you have cheated on your boyfriend with an ex and he won't give you trust back but still says he loves you?

you will have to earn the trust back and it will always be harder for him because he wont know if you will do it again.

Will it ever be the same after you cheated on your girlfriend?

It might come close, but after you've cheated you've already lost something really important - her trust. Whether she admits it or not, she's not going to trust you as she did before. This is not to say things won't improve and become happy again, but if you've cheated, you've taken a permanent big step backwards.

How can you trust your boyfriend after hes cheated?

Well you will probably find it hard to trust him again at first you will have to build up your relationship over time. My boyfriend cheated on me and i stupidly let him go but i couldn't think of anything else that i could have done it was too much=( GoodLuck;)x

Should an ex trust you again even though you have cheated?

It'll take them some time, but they should eventually. Depends on how strong your relationship is.

How do you date a guy who has been cheated on?

get him to trust you :)

Should i trust a friend who cheated on her husband?

i have been in many situations like that and i find it hard to trust a person who has cheated. but it all depends on the situation

How do you get my wife to love me again?

If you cheated on her, the first thing would to gain trust. I am a woman, and if i ever got cheated on i would probably never be able to love that person again. i couldn't stand the thought of someone who "loved" me being with another person..saying things about me possibly, or saying that he loves her as much as he loves me. its disgusting and i could never love him again. hopefully for your sake, even though i doubt you deserve her if you cheated, shell find it in her heart to start trusting you. no relationship can get anywhere without trust.

Can you trust your spouse a 100 percent again after he cheated?

No, once a spouse has cheated they have broken that bond of trust even though humans are not perfect and can make one mistake by cheating on their spouse. The spouse that was cheated on will always have that hurt tucked away in the back of their minds and be very wary of their spouse cheating again. However, many times a spouse may cheat; that bond of trust broken, but if it was just a one time issue then the married couple can still have a good strong marriage if they work on their communication skills and are honest with each other regarding their feelings.

What could you do to make your ex boyfriend trust you if he doesn't trust you any more and you're really sorry for what you did and need him to believe you and trust you again?

Look, if you cheated, the trust will not be above an 80% point for years. A relationship really has to have good foundations to keep going if one has cheated. If there is no cheating, then trust shouldn't be a factor and he is being silly. I would say cheating can be considered hanging out with another guy/gal without purposefully communicating it to your partner.

How do you trust your boyfriend when he cheated on his ex with with you and broke up with her for you?

Personally, I wouldn't trust him as you can't rely on him.

How do you love agian after a affair?

You Don't. Sorry but it's time to move on. If the person cheated once they will cheat again the moment they regain your trust. Find someone who is serious about you and only you. You will never trust the person again and always wonder what they are doing behind your back. That is torture. Move on.