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Write down the VIN from the left side of the dash, or take your insurance card with the VIN to the dealer and they can cut you a new key. Take plenty of ID with you as well.

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Q: How can you get the key code for an 1986 Ford Mustang to get another key?
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Where is the engine code for a 2002 Ford Mustang?

8th " character " of your VIN

What are the color codes for a white 1995 Ford Mustang?

The color code for "Crystal White" on the 1995 Mustang is ZR

Could a 1966 Ford Mustang gt a code have all drum brakes?

My 1971 Ford Mustang , fastback , with 351 Cleveland , 4 barrel , had drum brakes on the front

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the Mustang Fastback 2+2 "C" code indecated a fastback mustang with a 289 2 barrel eight cylinder engine. Source:

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1998 FORD MUSTANG 3.8L 6-cyl Engine Code 4CAPACITIESEngine, with filter..........5.0 quartsWix Oil Filter...............515161998 FORD MUSTANG 4.6L 8-cyl Engine Code XCAPACITIESEngine, with filter..........5.0 quartsWix Oil Filter...............513721998 FORD MUSTANG 4.6L 8-cyl Engine Code V 32-valveCAPACITIESEngine, with filter..........6.0 quartsWix Oil Filter...............51372Hope This Helps.

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Trouble code P0156 means:O2 sensor circuit malfunction (Bank 2 Sensor 2)

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