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How can you get tickets for 2008 Disney channel games?

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You can get tickets by calling 34090358098 which is located in Pakistan

I want to call somwhere that's not gonna cost me. Like is there somwhere in Texas i can call to get the tickets?

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When are the next Disney Channel Games?

The Disney Channel Games were discontinued in 2008.

When did Disney Channel Games end?

Disney Channel Games ended in 2008.

What are the release dates for Disney 365 - 2006 Disney Channel Games 2008?

Disney 365 - 2006 Disney Channel Games 2008 was released on: USA: July 2008

Has Chelsea Staub ever played in the Disney Channel games?

Yes, She played in the 2008 "Disney Channel Games" and it aired on Disney Channel.

Is brandi Cyrus in Disney channel games 2008?

No she did not play the Disney channel games, but she did play for Miley when she performed.

What is the Disney channel games 2008 website?

The Disney Channel Games 2008 was a Disney Channel TV series. The five events of the game were featured online and were hosted by Meaghan Jette Martin and Cody Linley.

Where can you download Disney channel games 2008?


When does the Disney Channel Games 2008 Start?

They start on July 27th on Disney Channel. Hope that helps x

When is the Disney Channel Games 2008 shown on TV?

in the summer

Who plays on Disney Channel games 2008?

suipert mcnasty

Who will win in Disney channel games 2008?


In the 2008 Disney channel games what team was she on?

yellow team

What team is Miley Cyrus on for the Disney channel games of 08?

She is not in it in 2008 She isn't able to participate in the Disney Channel Games 2008 because she was filming "Hannah Montana: The Movie" at the time.

Do you have any 2008 photos of the Disney channel games?

Go to and type in the Menu bar Disney Channel Games. Then it will bring up pictures in video form and it will have Clips of Disney Channel stars talking about the games and there team and what it is like.

Is vanessa anne hudgens playing in the 2008 Disney channel games?

no she is not

Who is the winner of th Disney channel 2008?

inferno won the games.

In the 2008 Disney Channel games what teem was Demi Lovato on?


Are the 2007 Disney channel games on DVD?

Well the 2007 Disney channel games was filmed a long time ago its 2008 in march right now.And I havent seen anything bout that so probally not its probally to short. P.s can somebody tell me where 2008 Disney channel games will be filmed?

Where are the Disney channel games 2008 being held?

They are being held in Florida

Disney channel gsmes 2008?

You spelled games wrong you speleded gsmes

Who won Disney channel games 2008?

Inferno, the Red team, won.

Are the 2008 Disney channel games over?

Yes,the Red Team won

Where will the Disney channel games be filmed in 2008?

They are being filmed in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World... somewhere lol

What are the dates of the live 2008 Disney channel games at Disney World?

April 28 through Saturday, May 3 2008. Fanfest(?) on April 30th.

Who wins on the Disney Channel games?

2008 Disney Channel Games 1st-Red Team Inferno 2nd-Yellow Team Comets 3rd-Green Team Cyclones 4th-Blue Team Lighting