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first of all, you cant "make" someone jelous, or "make" someone want you, it makes you sound really selfish, and maybe that is the reason you are no longer with him in the first place, people need space, so you give it to them, if you are really serious about getting back with your ex-boyfriend, I would call him up on the phone and ask him what split you up in the first place, were you to overdemanding, was it because you wouldn't let him out of your sight, or maybe he just wasnt interesed anymore? once you know what separated you 2 in the first place, from HIS point of view, then you can begin to mend the damage, or try to change a few things about yourself, if it isn't everything, because to totally change your whole self would be selfish of him! then you can work on becoming closer to each other, and learning each others likes and dislikes and so on and so forth.....

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How do you get back at someone that's trying to make you jealous?

Make him/ her jealous.

Why wants a crush who dumped you to make you jealous-does he wants you back?

That means that he wants you back but you get a guy and make him jealous

How do you make him jealous when he dont like you back?

if he doesn't like you then he won't get jealous.

How do you get an ex husband back?

Make him jealous:)

How to you win back your ex boyfriend?

make him jealous

How do you know if you exboyfriend is jealous?

If he founds out that you are with another guy and gives you call .He then tell you the person is bad and you must not go out with him and start saying bad about him continuously and compares his n your relationship.He is jealous.

How do you get your ex back if he does not hav a girlfriend?

make him jealous so he can come back to you.

How do you either get your ex back or be able to move on?

make them jealous

What if you got your man jealous how do you get him back?

tell him that you love him and that you weren't trying to make him jealous you just wanted his attention

Why does an exboyfriend have interest in meeting up when he says he's moved on later to find out at the meeting that he even has a new girlfriend?

Maybe he just wanted to make you jealous. He wanted to let you see that he has moved on with his new girlfriend. The problem is that his worrying about if you seen him with a new girl shows that he is still not over you because he is trying to make you jealous.

How do you get you ex back when you live together?

make them jealous and make them realise they love you and your the one :) Have sex with them

Is your ex boyfriend trying to make you jealous with his ex girl friend?

He might be trying to make you jealous, but he may also just want his ex- girlfriend back. In this case, usually your ex- boyfriend can try to make you jealous which can mean he wants you back and by making you jealous you will come back to him, or it can also mean he is trying to show you how much you need him, but you can't have him. The real answer is, no body can know other the the ex- boyfriend himself.

What ways to win your ex-girlfriend back?

Make her jealous, Or talk to her.

How do I get back my exboyfriend if he is in another girl's arms?

Tell him you want him back and if he doesn't want you after that then find someone else.

How do you get over an exboyfriend?

welll what you have to do is just kinda start for getting about him and try to make him jealous go and get another boyfriend

If you have a best friend who likes your exboyfriend are you supposed to tell him or get back together with hm?

Telling him is a decision that only you can make. He'll probably find out sometime whether you tell him or not.

What are some ways to send your ex boyfriend crawling back to you?

Well you flirt around him with other boys and make him jealous. Maybe get another boyfriend for the mean time to make him jealous. from cupid

What happens when your boyfriend dump you?

Well move on get a new boyfriend make him jealous if you want him back !!

How do you make your ex-boyfriend jealous and come back to you?

Don't let Lisa near him!

Why do the make fun of you?

the reason why people make fun of you because of they are jealous. the reason why you say something back because you be mad

How do you make a woman jealous?

You can make a woman jealous by flirting and laughing with another girl. Trust me, they'll get really jealous!

How do you make an exboyfriend jealous?

you go out with another guy. kiss the other guy in front of your ex and hold his hand. if your ex is still your friend then when you talk to your ex talk about the other guy alot. hope this works! *rubs hands together and smiles evilly* >:)

How can you get your ex back quickly?

Say that you are sorry for what you did but if they don't come back, then follow him around with someone else and try to make him jealous.

How do you get your ex back from their new boy?

dress pretty make him jealous by going out with someone else and then he will be jealous because that man has got you and he hasn't and he will realise how amazing you really are

My exboyfriend acts like he cantstand me but he always acts jealous of this guy that likes me and hangs out with me and my ex always butts in and asks questions lik have you guys made out is he jelous?

Ya, hes jealous alright. I guess that's just his way of dealing with it. after a while he will get over it.