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-eat more cheese

-keep getting enough sleep(try to aim for 8 or more)

-eat the vegetables with vitamin k (like spinach, asparagus and broccoli)

-eat lots of protein (meat, chicken, or fish)

-eat cereal with vitamin d (u also get this naturally from the sun! :) but not too much.

-eat boiled eggs! (my chemistry teacher is also really health conscious and he said eggs fill u up the best.)

-treat urself to some chocolate every now and then. u know the rules. but i would eat dark chocolate since that actually gives u some nutrients and milk chocolate contains more hormones which might make u break out. (this is for some people)

-stretching/running/leg exercises help give room for your bones to expand, exercising destroys bone (i need to double check on that one) but after a day of resting, it grow back a little bit bigger!

-and last but not least, drink milk! it is so important, yet it's easy to forget sometimes. so drink it!

- you can take growth vitamins like supergrowth from

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