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How can you have brown hair if you are part German?

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Half-German with Brown Hair?You have a brown hair gene. answernationality has nothing whatsoever to do with hair color. an exampe would be Hitler who had dark hair , but said the supreme German race should all have blond hair
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If you have natural blonde brown ginger hair blue eyes and height and thin cheekbones mean I am part German?

If you have natural blond brown ginger hair, blue eyes and height and thin cheekbones, it does not mean you are part German, but you could be.

What is the color hair Germans have?

When I look arround I see the hair of German men are mostly brown-haired and the hair of German woman seem to be mostly blond-haired.

How do you say in German he has brown hair?

er hat braunes Haar

How do you say he has brown hair in German?

Er hat braune Harre.

How do you write i have brown hair in German?

Ich habe braune Haare.

Would Hitler kill you if you had brown hair blue eyes?

Not necessarily. Many Aryan's (Persons of German decent) have/had brown or even black hair. The blond-hair-and-blue-eyes complex is just what Hitler envisioned to be the perfect German.

How do you spell brown in another language?

In German, brown is 'braun'In French, brown is 'brun' or when describing hair/eyes, it becomes 'marron'

Hitler had brown eyes and hair not blue?

True. He wasn't German, he was Austrian.

If The father is part German blue eyed blonde hair and themother American blonde hair brown eyes what will the baby be?

It depends on your family background. The eyes could be any color. It just has to do with heritage.

If you want to audition for Lauren in the cherub series but your hair is brown can you still audition for the part?

You probably can, but you would have to die it. Otherwise maybe you can get the part of someone with brown hair

Can German blonde hair be dominant?

my dad has blonde hair (German) and my mom has resessive blonde traits so me and my sister are blonde, but my step-mom has brown hair. My dads step kids (2) have blonde hair. Why do we all have blonde hair.

Does Kristen Stewart really have brown hair?

Kristen had blond hair when she auditioned for the part, but of course, Bella Swan has brown so she died it. Her hair is a light brown, but in twilight its brown.She also had blond hair when she was on In a Land of Women

What are the physical characteristics of a person of German ethnicity?

They can have blonde hair and blue eyes ,or dark hair and brown eyes. It really all depends on the family.. I am of all German decent, and I have blonde hair and blue eyes, but most of my family on my dad's side have really dark hair and brown eyes. It really all depends..

What is justin biebers natrual hair colour?

it is brown ....castaño(in Spanish) brun (in French) and Braun (in German)

What is layered brown hair?

Layered brown hair is layered brown hair - simple!

Would a German with brown hair and brown eyes be able to get into the Nazi Party during World War 2?

yes theyare naze born

Did the Nazis go after the people that had brown hair and brown eyes?

No they didn't that is a stupid myth that un-educated people think. My family is German and all served in the German army in World War II they all had black/brown hair and blue/hazel eyes. Hitler NEVER said a thing about blond hair and blue eyes that was Himmler and other less important officials in the Reich.

What makes the German soldiers suspicious of ellens identity in Number the Stars by Lois Lowry?

the fact that she has brown hair and the johanson family has blond hair.

Did Hitler kill Germans with light brown hair and light brown eyes?

no, that is a myth . Hitler killed all the Jews , wether they had brown, red, blonde hair etc. hes ideal world would be German, blonde hair blue eyed people.. hes a retard anyways.,

Did any German soldiers in world war 2 have brown eyes and brown hair?

Yes. Ironically, Adolf Hitler, the fascist leader of Germany, a member of the Axis Powers during World War II, had both brown hair and eyes.

What do German people look like?

Some have blond hair and blue eyes, others have brown hair, and some have brown eyes or halzel. Germany is homogeneous and heterogeneous in many ways. they usually have light colored hair with green or blue eyes.

What color hair did sacagawea have?

Brown HairBrown Hairdark brown almost black

What are one directions hair colour?

zayn has dark brown hair louis has brown hair harry has brown hair liam has brown hair niall's hair is naturally brown but he dyes it blonde wow they all actually have brown hair that's kinda freaky :O

What is brown in German?

"Braun" is brown in German. Hope that helped.

Did Athena have long brown hair or short brown hair?

Athena had short brown hair What the heck?! No way! Athena had curly long brown hair, or possibly wavy long brown hair. No goddess ever had short hair.