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How can you help a dog that keeps scratching itches?

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We had a dog that had that problem. Her skin was dry the vet said, and so he recommended some medicine that helped. Plus we also added extra oil into her diet such as vegetable oil on her food and extra fat. Vitamin E oik in very good for that poblem Just put some on the food or give them a vitamin e everyday. Dogs love vitamin E. =Answer= Please don't start treating your dog on your own until you take the dog to a vet. The dog may have fleas or what they call "hot spots" (the dog feels hot in one area and very itchy." The other poster is correct in saying that there are medications for that. I am dealing with my own part Bichon Frise x Terrier and have had her to the vet for medications and she's doing fine.

2006-08-14 02:00:06
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Your dog is scratching his bum on the floor why?

His butt itches. Sometimes it means he has worms.

Does a dog have an illness if it keeps scratching his ears?

sounds like ear mites

What are the red patches on your dog that he keeps scratching at?

hot spots caused by stress and/or allergies

What causes a dog to itch?

just having and itch or if he/her keeps scratching it could be flees or ticks

Your dog has a rash and its bleeding he keeps scratching it and biting it can you give him something for it?

Your dog could have any number of problems; See a Veterinarian.

Why does your dog scratch his nose?

Because it itches.

What is wrong with your dog if she keeps scratching and cries when she does it?

she may have fleas or ticks. alternatively, she could be feeling the itch that occurs when a cut or scratch is healing.

Why is your dog scratching with no fleas?

my dog is scratching his neck ive noticed its a tiny bit bald and sticky wot can it be

How do you keep your dog from scratching at the carpet while in the kennel?

This dog needs regular exersize. This will discontinue the nervous chewing and scratching.

What is wrong with my dog he keeps vomiting he is not eating he keeps scratching his belly when he is laying down on the floor he puts his butt in the air and his stomach makes weird noises?

I think its got hurt and ate something bad.

What to do with a dog that licks his feet and itches?

Take him to the vet. He has allergies.

If you scratch a dog behind the ear does that indicate to the dog that the dog is the alpha male?

Scratching a dog behind the ears indicates nothing about the dog; it only indicates something about the person who is scratching the dog. Perhaps the person is the alpha male.

Why does the dog keep scratching at the carpet?


Why does your dog rub his chin on the carpet so much?

It probably itches.

What are rabbits good at?

But can also be trained like a dog or cat. apart from that scratching and biting! But can also be trained like a dog or cat. apart from that scratching and biting!

Can you help .. dog has little red bumps on its belly and it itches Is it an allergy or something else?

Call a vet, probably an allergy. Call vet urgently!!!!

How do you stop dog from scratching after surgery?

give it food

How do you keep your dog from scratching your car?

Discipline my friend

What do you do when your dog skins his nose and keeps scratching it making it worse?

Probably wash it and put on ,Polysporin, you should take him/her to the vet. you should check others answers because this is only mine.

What is excoriation in a dog mean?

The dog has been scratching and has scraped away some of the skin.

How can you find out if your dog has worms?

There are quite a few symptoms: Your dog keeps scratching it's rear end on the floor (sometimes dogs do that anyway, so if they do it once or twice in a day, don't worry about it) Your dog's stomach is swollen. Your dog won't eat. Sometimes your dog's waste is bloody.

Why does your dog rub his bottom on the floor?

he is probably scratching himself.

What can you do to make your dog stop scratching?

Cut off his legs

Why is your dog scratching his butt on carpet?

Feels good man.

What did the dog do that Opal had never seen before?

it was scratching its balls