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You can actually start a small group from your home. You can volunteer at an Abused Women's Center (like I did.) You can write a book if you feel talented in that way and have experience emotional abuse. So many women are in abusive relationships and so fearful and controlled they don't know what they can do about their situation or where to go and that laws are being changed radically to protect women and children from abuse. Books are always a good way to get a message out. If you aren't into that I highly recommend volunteering at an Abusive Women's Center. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How can you help spread awareness about emotional abuse?
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Which charities can help a dhole?

It doesn't seem like there are any but you can spread awareness about them.

How can technology influence the spread of democracy around the world?

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How do you help a victim of emotional and mental abuse when the victim continues to endure the abuse?

You must try with all your heart to get this person professional help, the sooner the better, one thing will lead to another until the abuse becomes physical AND IT WILL EVENTUALLY!!!

How do you define an abusive relationship?

This definition is a varied one because there are different forms of abuse. The physical abuse is the type that violence and control is involved and excuses for the action and blame. The emotional abuse is controlling too but it rears its ugly head through speech and such. The mental abuse is an extention of emotional abuse and this one makes you think your crazy and worthless. All of these are damaging and need to be reported and the victim/s need help immediately. Look in your local phonebook and there will be a abuse hotline. These people can ask you specific questions over the phone and help you to define your abuse. They also can get you help. Good luck

Is domestic abuse same as emotional abuse?

I think they are both similar , domestic abuse I guess can be same as emotional abuse, either been hit , verbally abused by some one is abuse. If you seek help then I advise you to go and see someone about it , there is a lot of support out there for this as once many years ago verbal abuse wasn't even recognized, but it is more so know then ever before. Take care

How can a potential abuser how can you get help?

Get into batterer counseling (even if its verbal/ emotional abuse) ASAP (NO Anger Management - that does NOTHING for abusers)

What is the difference between verbal abuse and emotional abuse?

There is no difference..verbal abuse is emotional related..i stood up to sexual abuse and physical abuse... but I thought emotional and verbal was no big deal..then one day i woke up ,,,never tolerate any abuse from anyone...tell the abuser to their face to stop then walk self esteem and self respect and dont return till the abusive lover friend sibling or stranger even parents and authority figure seeks help and honestly changes the abusive behaviors they deny//good luck

When will animal abuse end?

probably never..thats the cold hard truth It will not end. But unless you can help spread the word. The day might come.. that animal no more.

Is mental and emotional abuse to the point of wanting to kill yourself enough to get emancipated?

Contact a domestic violence crisis center in your area. They can help.

Can emotional abuse turn physical how long does it take before the abuse gets physical?

Yes. Most physical abusers are first emotionally abusive. Some never physically abuse, but remain emotionally abusive, or recognize the problem and get help. There is no time line of when the abuse will or will not escalate to physical abuse. Abuse, no matter what form it is in, should not be accepted or tolerated.

How do you Confronting abuse?

Abuse comes in many ways; it can be both emotional and psychological. As a victim dealing with abuse, the best way is to set boundaries and realize you alone cannot change the abuser. The best way to handle it is to set boundaries, understand that it is your reactions that you can really change, and get professional help if problem escalates. Confronting an abuser as an outsider may or may not be the best idea; they may take as an attack and direct their anger at you. If it is indeed physical abuse, call authorities! There are laws against physical abuse, but not emotional abuse.

Your best friend is in an emotional abuse relationship You have tried to advice her against this relationship and have shown her warning signs of an abuser but she isn't listening. What to do?

The best thing you can do to help is be there with her as often as possible, witness it for yourself *emotional abuse or physical* once you've seen it, if its emotional, talk to her , if she wont listen theres not much you can do. If its physical then you need to go over her head and tell the police.

What are the statistics on mentally abusive relationships in the US?

in the thousands and many more are not reported every year. Abuse is abuse and can come in three forms. PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL. if you are a victim or abuser seek help immedialty.

Is a zebra in danger of losing it's habitat?

Yes zebras are losing their habitat and it is going very unnoticed... Spread the awareness and get involved to help zebras!

Do video games help your awareness?

Video games can help with your hand-eye coordination But im not sure about awareness.

How do you know if it is child abuse?

Beating is physical abuse. Cursing and berating the child is verbal and emotional abuse. These are abusive behaviors par excellence. In addition to the above, other forms of child abuse are sexual abuse and child neglect. You basicly know you get child abuse when they make you bleed or brused. My parents hit me and tell me to kill myself. I never knew it was child abuse until this year (im 14) when i finally got help.

He said he would make sure you never see your baby once born because he knows way more people than you do what kind of abuse is this?

Sounds like emotional or psychological abuse. There's no physical indications of this kind of abuse, but the insults, threats and intimidation are just as bad as other forms of abuse because they cause you to live in fear. Emotional abuse is very serious and could escalate into physical or sexual abuse...I would recommend seeking help to get out of this situation. No matter how many people he knows, he has no right to deprive you of your child. It's just an attempt to assert control over you.

What is considered mental or emotional abuse?

Mental and emotional abuse means someone is making you feel less of yourself, generally for their own satisfaction and gratification. This abuse is a means for controlling you. They may use guilt in order to make you obey them. You have the right to a happy life without being controlled.QuestionWould it include being told that you will never accomplish anything in life, and they always say they are disappointed in you? Or would using a lot of threats, like saying they will put you up for adoption be considered abuse? AnswerYes, absolutely. Abuse is a pattern of control. Threats, and derogatory statements in repetition is abuse.QUESTION:Would being told that you are nothing, that your worthless, be emotional abuse? Would being neck pinch nerved and twisted arm bhind your back while being pushed down harshly into your bedroom be physical abuse? Would yelling and slapping being abuse?I don't know. THis is what my father and guadiran do to me. I Tend to have the symptoms of sexual, physical, and mostly emotional abuse a lot. I can't help it, I seriosly can't.

What happens to a grown child who was verbally abused as a child?

The effects of verbal abuse (also known as emotional abuse) are dependent on many factors, including the child him/herself, the manner in which the child was verbally abused (ridicule, with anger, mocking, if it was accompanied by physical or sexual abuse, etc.), what was typically said to the child, how long the abuse went on and when it started, whether or not it was done publicly, who did the abusing and the relationship of that person to the child (mother, father, sibling, etc.), what type of help the adult/child received regarding the abuse endured, plus a host other factors. Effects can range from withdrawal to depression to self harm to suicidal tendencies or suicide ideation. For more information about emotional abuse, in particular, "rejecting", and for some statistics on how emotional abuse impacts, see the link below.

What can you do to raise awareness about child abuse?

ring child help lines like the ChildLine, NSPCC, full stop and children in need and make donations to help with the progress of stopping child abuse. Believe it or not, many cases of child abuse could have been pre.vented by a sense of morality in mankind. Morality is best found by consulting God. True, even church-goers commit sin (even some forms of abuse), but most cases of abuse are due to a lack of exposure to morality.

What is the best use for google adwords?

It can help spread the name of one's company by spreading the name through the click of a mouse. It can also be used to help raise awareness for a cause, whether political or for those in need.

How do you protect people from harm and abuse?

educate them on abuse, help keep them away from abuse

How do people help abuse cats?

you want to help abuse cats, or do you mean abused cats?

How do you deal with emotional abuse?

One way is to look at the abuse as an emergency. In that case, you remove yourself from the situation so that you are safe, and then you get help. If the abuse has been ongoing for some time, then the best thing is to get a team (good friends, therapist)together and follow their advice without argument so that they can lead you out. Otherwise, you will "but" yourself (can't afford it, it isn't so bad, abuser will change, I can handle it) and not make it happen. Abuse of any kind should not be dealt with. Either the abuser needs to get help, should you choose to stay or get out. You have the right to have a peaceful existence while you are hear and not have someone degrade you and abuse you. Get help or get out. Those should be your only choices.

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Missionaries are the people who help spread a religion.