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I recharged the A/C on my 1995 Acheiva (3.1 liter V6) last month. The wrong service port is easy to find, just next to the hood latch on the "pinky sized" pipe with the sensor. I think the cap on that one is red, but pay attention to the diameter of the aluminum pipe. The correct diameter is fatter than this.

The correct service port is underneath the car, not too far from the oil drain. You will need to elevate the front of the car and chock your tires for this, unless you have a lift or a pit to work in. Since an A/C check requires the engine to be running to get an accurate reading, get a buddy (a.k.a. a witness) in case things go sour.

Now, crawl underneath your car and hunt for the service valve. Look for the aluminum pipe near the radiator. If memory serves, it is just behind the radiator, towards the center of the car, but slightly towards the passenger side. You are loking for a tee in the pipe. The valve points toward the ground, and it probably caked with engine crud. The valve cover unscrews, much like the one on the top side of the vehicle. Attach your meter, and follow the directions for testing. Recharge if necessary.

More safety: If possible, get out from under the car when testing or refilling. An extra couple feet of hose could save your life. Always think, "If my jackstands buckled, or the car rolled, where is the best place to be?" "Under the oil pan" is not the correct answer. There are more comfortable places to be trapped.

On a side note, mine turned out to have low refrigerant and a bad connection to the relay (passenger firewall relay bank, 2 green wires, 2 red wires), which added to the troubleshooting on mine. If your compressor isn't turning when your A/C is filled to the right pressure, then you may have an electrical issue. The schematics show at least four components which could electrically interrupt the compressor clutch.

In Most cases it is the aluminum hose with the smaller size diameter. Located on the iside fender well.

If your car has a 16V Quad 4 engine, then follow the two large freon hoses leading down to the A/C compressor. The Low Side Port is right beside the manifold block that bolts to the compressor.

This way, General Motors has made it as difficult as possible to get a service hose connected to it. You will burn your hands and melt down from the heat coming off the radiator.

I bought my last GM car back in 1982. It will be the last one I own as long as I live. I hate those poorly designed cars and the people who designed them. I feel no compassion for GMs financial troubles. I tried to tell them where they were going wrong 20 years ago but they would not listen.

I have been driving BMW automobiles ever since. Never have I been more completely satisfied with a car.

A/C is ALWAYS serviced on the LOW (suction/gas)side. The low side hose is ALWAYS the larger diameter hose. The high-side (liquid) hose will go INTO the firewall to the evaporator unit (possibly into a receiver-drier unit 1st). If the vehicle came OEM with 134 refrigerant, the snap-on connector on most charging kits will only connect to the low-side quick-couple fitting. Mark-Raleigh, NC

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Q: How can you identify where the low side service port on the AC system of a 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva?
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