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Ensuring certain conditions before driving can ensure a better fuel economy Wheel alignment can have a big impact on the life of your tires. An in correct tire alignment will cause more friction and wear away the tires much sooner. A wheel alignment will cost roughly 45 dollars for front and back. Correct ignition timing will also help in keeping your car running optimally. If the cars ignition timing is not set right it will cause the spark plug to fire earlier before the piston is in its correct position and as a result the fuel used will not give its optimal output. A mechanic can correctly set the timing for your car with the use of a timing gun. Using the correct fuel grade for your car can also have a big impact on the fuel economy of your car. You will be quite suprised how much of an impact your throttle control will have on your fuel economy. Heavier acceleration from the lights and heavy stop and start style driving are expensive ways of driving. Driving in traffic can't always be avoided but moving a few inches each time to get closer to the car in front won't help much either. Having your injectors professionally cleaned is a great way to improve the flow of injectors

An explanation of the traditional litres/100km rate.

How to measure your fuel economy. The best way to measure your fuel economy is by filling up a full tank of fuel. Only fill it up till the pump clicks once and releases. Before leaving the petrol station press your trip meter or if your car does not have one you can note down the odometer reading. You can now drive the car as normal till you have to fill up again. A note - Try fill up from the same place you filled up the first time, the reason behind this is each fuel pump will can have different cut of points where the fuel will stop filling. This can interfere with your reading. Once your ready to fill up again till the pump clicks once. Take note of your trip meter reading (or odometer reading) and the amount of litres it took to fill up the tank. Its now just a matter of doing the sums: Litres/100km = litres used to fill up DIVIDED BY trip meter reading MULTIPLY BY 100. You now have your litres per 100 km. Most 4 cylinder cars under 2 litres will average between 6-10L/100km on average 6 cylinder cars will average around 9-13L/100km 8 cylinder (or V8) cars can average between 10-18L/100km

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What is the Capacity of 750 shadow fuel tank.?

The 750 Shadow ACE is 3.5-3.7 gal. (I think).

Can you put a fuel tank from a 2004 Honda shadow 750 on a 1993 600 shadow vlx?


Fuel capacity on a 2002 750 shadow ace Honda?

The fuel capacity on a 2002 Honda 750 Shadow Ace Honda is 14 liters or 3.1 gallons. This is providing the tank is factory stock.

Is the reserve fuel position on a 2007 Honda 750 shadow pointing to the front or back of bike?

1999 Honda 750 Shadow reserve position is front.

2000 Honda Shadow 750 cc no power to fuel pump?

Is their a fuse

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Will the exhaust pipes for a Honda shadow 1100vt fit a Honda shadow 2012 750

How many carburetors does a Honda shadow 750 have?

A Honda shadow 750 V twin motor cycle has two carburators.

What octane fuel is required for a 83 Honda shadow 750?

87 octane would be the minimum but 91 would be more ideal.

Did Honda make a 700 shadow and a 750 shadow in 1985?

Yes they did.

What is the horsepower rating of a 2003 Honda 750?

The Honda Nighthawk 750 is rated at 75 hp. The Honda Shadow Spirit 750 is rated at 60 hp. The Honda Shadow ACE 750 is rated at 43 hp.

Will the exhaust pipes on a Honda shadow 750 fit a Honda shadow 600?


How much horsepower does a Honda 750 shadow have?

how much does a 2005 honda shadow have

Is the exhaust for the 1100 Honda Shadow the same as for the 750 Honda Shadow?

No, it is not the same.

Horsepower for 2006 Honda shadow 750?

the horse power on the 750 is about 52. enjoy

How do you adjust the carburetor on a Honda shadow 750?


Will the exhaust system of a Honda Shadow 750 fit a Shadow 600?

yes yes

What size chain for 99 Honda shadow 750 ace?

my 750 has a 525 122 chain

How many quarts of oil does a Honda 750 shadow dc require?

if i am not mistaken a late model 750 dc shadow holds 2.5 quarts with filter change

How many miles per gallon does a Honda Shadow 2001 VT 750 get per gallon?

my 2003 shadow 750 gets 48 mpg, you should be close to that

Does a 1998 Honda Shadow VT 750 gas tank fit a 2003 Honda Shadow CE VT 750?

This could be done with some minor modifications.

What is the gas mileage for a 1982 Honda VF 750?


What is the mileage of a 1981 kawasaki ltd 750?

25,000 miles

Will a 1100 Honda shadow motor fit in a 750 shadow frame?

No, it won't. Not without major modifications.

Will an exhaust from a 2002 Honda Shadow Sabre VT 1100 fit a 2003 Shadow ACE 750?


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