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This may sound like a dumb answer but the vitamins in carrots really do help with your vision. Also avoid situations which cause undo stress to your eyes, thus, making them weaker. Such as straining to read, reading long after your eyes give you the signs they are tired and so on...but next to laser surgery, vitamins are the way to go. You can also check with your local GNC or equivilant to see if there are any new and imporved medicines in that department.

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Q: How can you improve your vision?
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Can steroids improve your vision?

Steroids do not improve vision.

Can carrots help improve your night vision?

No, in fact, it is just a myth that they improve vision at all.

Does Marijuana smoking improve your eyesight?

Yes, it actually can improve your vision.

How to improve my vision permanently?

To improve your vision permanently and naturally, find good nutrition for your eye(take vitamins), and always stay hydrated.

What food can improve your vision?

Carrots, carrots are well known for improving eye vision.

Who made the first pair of glasses?

they were made to help improve vision for the vision less

Can laser surgery improve vision in a lazy eye?

No, the lazy eye is hard wired to the brain and laser vision cannot improve beyond what glasses or contacts can provide.

Do optical illusions improve vision skills?

I wouldn't think so...but they improve mental skills

Is it possible for your eye prescription to improve?

Yes, there are special ways to improve vision but they take time.

How do you improve your night vision?

Eat/juice Carrots.

Can violent videos games improve your vision?

Uh, no .

What can improve ones eye vision?

carrots and/or glasses

How do you restore and improve your vision?

lasic eye surgery

How do you improve vision naturally without glasses?

My mom has terrible vision but my dad has pretty good vision. I'm 12 years old and wear very thick glasses. Is there a way to improve my vision so that I can see without glasses? Do eye exercises help?

What are the best diet that will make my eye vision improve?

Fruit and vegetables are the basic of healthy nutrition. Yellow and orange vegetable contain vitamin A. If the vision is affected by diabetes by improving eating habit, no sugar, no sodium your vision should improve.

Will my vision be blurry after I get an eye exam?

Not necessarily. If your blurred vision is because you need glasses, your vision will not improve until you wear the correct prescribed lens.

Can pinhole spectacle really improve your vision?

There is no evidence to show that wearing pinholes actually will improve your vision over time. However, pinholes do help you to see better while you are wearing them.

Will eye exercises improve vision?

Yes, there are eye exercises designed to permanently improve your vision. Such exercises only take about 10 minutes a day and can be very effective if done correctly.

How much is lasik vision and what are the benefits?

Lasik vision is eye surgery that changes the shape of your eye to improve vision. The major benefit is the freedom of no longer needing to wear eye glasses or use contacts. In fact, in most cases Lasik surgery will improve your vision better than eye glasses will.

Why carrot healthy?

It can improve your night vision and has many nutrients.

Can Laser surgery can permanently improve a persons vision?


How does an elderly person improved their visually impared eyes?

The only real way to help improve her vision is surgery. The best way to do this is to have the cataract surgery. This is a great way to help improve their vision.

How does having 2 eyes improve our vision?

It doesn't "improve" your vision. It allows you to see the real world in 3D - i.e. depth. Since primate eyes have a large overlap in field of vision, most of your world is 3D.

Does bad vision cause headaches?

Tension headaches, not migraines. Tension from squinting to try to improve vision.

Does elo vera helps to improve vision?

I can't really say that it helps improve vision, but it does help hydrate the skin around your eyes. So if you are looking to keep your eyes healthy and looking fresh then yes it does help, but it may not improve or reduce your eyesight prescription.