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How can you increase your IQ?

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reading books regularly (fiction and non-fiction) will increase your IQ by 10 points... playing brain games (Chess, pictionary, tetris, etc...)makes neurons become more stronger, hence increasing you IQ by 5 points... and believe it or not watching the news will increace your IQ by 7 points so next time you retake you IQ test, you will acquire 22 points more!...

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Can your IQ increase?

Yes, your IQ can increase.

Does solitaire increase your IQ?

No. Your IQ does not increase. Ever.

How to increase iq best way?

reading different sorts of books and visiting beautiful places is the best way to increase our IQ.

What can increase your IQ?

guess on your IQ tests and hope you get it right

Can you increase your IQ by practicing IQ tests or puzzles and learning math shortcuts and if so by how many points or percent?

no, you can increase you cognitive abilities, but your IQ will always remain about the same.

How do you increase IQ level?

There are quite a few ways to increase IQ levels. One way is to play a variety of mind games.

Does your IQ increase when you learn chess?

Yes, chess has been proven to increase IQ scores. In a 1980 study, 4000 students' IQ scores increased after 4 months of chess training :)

How can you increase your IQ level?

do exercise daily

Can you increase your IQ by asking questions?


How can you increase your IQ in a short time?

Your best bet for increasing your IQ is to READ, READ, READ.

Can IQ increase?

IQ per se, doesn't grow, but the ability to measure IQ isn't that precise and relies on cultural assumptions. So a person can improve his/her IQ score.

What atributes help your overall in nba 2k11?

If you increase your IQ it greatly increases you overall. Increase your attributes under the 'mental' section. I suggest you increase your consistancy, offensive awareness, defensive awareness first if you want to increase your IQ.

How to increase your result in an IQ Test?

you practice idiot

Does killing zombies increase your IQ?

yes it does ive killed 12 zombies and my iq went from 67 to 95 after killing them

Is an IQ of 132 high?

Yes, an IQ of 132 is high and you are considered gifted, but if you want, you could try to increase it. IQ is not definite, and maybe you can one day get 169 like me.

Average IQ of a 9 year old girl?

Probably around 100. IQ is calculated relative to age, therefore, as one grows older his/her IQ doesn't necessarily increase.

Can a person increase his or her IQ?

yes, die their hair a colour apart from blonde

What is the best way to increase IQ?

Study from a high reference website and be practical.

How can you increase the IQ?

One can't really. Just learn to use what you have better

Does playing more computer games increase your IQ knowledge?

It depends. If you are playing those games like : Example: -Fighting -Racing -Virtual World -Adventure It will definitely not increase your IQ knowledge. But if you are playing games like: Example: -Memory -Vocab -Word search it will help increase your knowledge. However it will not increase much.

You study a sample of 100 high school students and find that student IQ scores increase significantly as the level of reported parental income increases you can conclude from this that?

higher parental income causes an increase in childrens IQ scores

What are facts about classical music can increase IQ?

Anything can improve with practice, including your IQ. If you engage your mind in something that requires an intellectual participation it can be good for your intellect.

Who is Algernon in Flowers for ALgernon?

A mouse that was first used in an experiment to increase a person's IQ

What is the Flynn effect?

The increase in scores on IQ tests over the past few generations.

Does mint increase your IQ?

No, but it's said to increase brain activity. So chew a peppermint or some gum before your next test!