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How can you know and erase the error codes in your car escort 1987?


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2006-09-12 04:55:03
2006-09-12 04:55:03

I wasn't aware that vehicles older then '91 had ODBI or ODBII diagnostics.


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How do you change out the clutch on 1987 Ford Escort Gl

They are not interchangable. The 87 is a 1st generation Escort and the 92 is a 2nd generation Escort.

1 - 3 - 4 - 2 The distributor rotation is ( COUNTERCLOCKWISE ) - according to - one of Fords websites ( for the 1987 Ford Escort 1.9 L )

According to one of the Ford websites : For a 1987 Ford Escort , 1.9 litre four cylinder engine : ( the spark plugs are gapped at .044 inch )

the battery is in the trunk on the left side

You jack up the transmission to relieve the weight and the unbolt it.

If you are talking about a 1984-1987 Ford Escort diesel in the USA, it is located behind the left side trim panel in the trunk/hatch area.

BCI group size ( 58 ) according to

It depends on what the error is. Please post a new question with more details

Bottom of engine block located inside the oil pan.

Make sure there is slack in the parking brake cable. Then, hit the drum with a bfh.

One could make your own tower or cut one out of a junk car, otherwise no there not really interchangeable. It is to the right of the battery.

I believe on this model it is a large cylindrical object which is a silver color located near the back of the engine it has a hose on the top and one on the bottom that is clipped to it.

It should be located in the rear cargo area, possibly on the right side. It has a button on the top you push down until it clicks.

Best thing i can do is send you here:

I have an old 1987 Ford Escort Diesel 4 door hatchback. I need two find the two glow plug relays for it and am looking. Regarding the question about the battery, it is located in the back of the car behind a panel in one of interior quarter panels. There should be a removable panel that you can see, the battery is located behind the panel.

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