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the phone may be chipped or it may have pictures.

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Is Samsung a Korean cellphone brand?

Yes, it is a South Korean cellphone brand

What is Stella Hudgens cellphone brand and type?


What was the first brand of cellphone in the Philippines?

Cherry Mobile

What cellphone brand does greyson chance use?


Is alcatel a good brand of cellphone?

Maybe yes...maybe not

How can you use the word brand in a sentence?

I bought a brand of bread.

What is Katy Perrys cellphone brand?

i'm preatty sure it's blackberry....

Which brand of cellphone does Miley Cyrus use?

Miley has an iphone(apple) that is cingular or AT&T

What is the most bought popcorn brand?


Is Lenovo PC a good brand?

Lenovo machines are fantastic. I bought a second hand Lonovo laptop and it lasts for 5 years.... still working now

In runescape if you get a corrupted piece of armour or weapon of the grand exchange that has been used in combat and should degrade in like 2 minutes can you will it degrade or will it act as brand ne?

I'd say that it would be brand new, because you would have bought it for the price of a brand new one, instead of used.

What is the most bought brand of popcorn?

Orville Redenbacher

What cellphone brand successfully send the first text message?

As i can remember, here in the philippines, sony ericsson ?

Is shelby its own car brand?

Yes but ford bought it

What brand is Katy Perry' s cellphone?

we don't know but i suggest ... if other ordinary person have apple brand cellphones ... how about famous person like katy perry??

What is the best cellphone brand in the Philippines?

MyPhone is the leading and best Cellphone brand in the philippines according to the ff: A. MyPhone number 1 with the most NTC Type approved units compare to its competitor. B. Voted as Number 1: MyPhone as The Best Mobile Phone Brands In the Philippines at the-top-tens C. Biggest and Number 1 in Facebook and twitter Fan base, D. Awards and Recognition, only local phone brand reserves the "SUPERBRAND STATUS" and the only cellphone brand awarded by Catholic Mass Media Award(CMMA) E. MyPhone has more Service centers in the philippines with over 40 service centers across the philippines. (both branded and local brand) F. Awards and Recognition, only local phone brand receives the "SUPERBRAND STATUS" and the only cellphone brand awarded by Catholic Mass Media Award(CMMA)

What kind of phone does snooki have?

most likely a cellphone, but im sure she has a landline as well, as to what brand, why don't you meet her and ask?

What is the price for Kroger brand marshmallows?

I bought a bag for 88 cents.

What is the brand of the car Zayn Malik bought July 2012?


Why is your brand new scooter leaking gas?

If your brand new scooter, is brand new, don't mess with it, take it back to where you bought it - you are liable to ruin the warranty if you mess with it.

Are bowling shoes usually bigger or smaller?

just bought a pair and bought 1\2 size larger in Brunswick brand

Did the early Hebrews brand their slaves?

No. That is inhumane and against halacha. They might have bought branded slaves, but it would have been assur for them to brand them.

What is the price of a 22 auto rifle interarms brand bought new?

About $150

How do you use the word brand in a sentence?

"The rancher has brought his new cattle in to brand them." "After he found a cat food that his cat liked, he always bought the same brand." (idiomatic) "Take a look at my brand-new car !"

When was the springfield model 67f 20gauge made?

I don't know when it was first made, however my Dad bought me a brand new one in about 1968 for my second year of duck hunting. I hope that helps. Tim