How can you leave your husband and take your kids?

Your question, while simple on the surface, is complicated. Do you have a place to go and a source of income when you get there? Are you in an abusive relationship or are things just not working out? You can't just take your children away, never allowing your husband to see them again...not without good reason anyway and that would be something that would have to be established in court. You should not take them to another country or even across state lines without having your ducks in a row (court ordered custody and even then, you'd need the consent of your husband in both scenarios unless the courts terminate parental rights) or you could find yourself facing kidnapping charges.

You should consult with an attorney before you do anything, or with law enforcement if you are being abused. Otherwise, if you take the kids and go without having good reason, you could wind up losing them if your husband hires an attorney and files a legal action against you.