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How can you lose weight in little time?


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A good way to lose weight is to start by running and eating healthier and drinking water. Running speeds up the metabolism and eating healthier is just good for you and water flushes fat and things out of your system. But the most important thing is to stay active and stay motivated

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It's not possible. The body can't lose that much wait normally (in a healthy way) If you have a-lot of weight to lose and a little bit of time, do "lyposuction". It's not possible. The body can't lose that much wait normally (in a healthy way) If you have a-lot of weight to lose and a little bit of time, do "lyposuction".

Yes, you can lose weight by reducing calorie intake. But it isn't healthy not to exercise.

Well actually.. When you lose weight your face becomes a little thinner and your bones show more :P!

Depending on how much you eat and how healthy that chocolate is, you could lose a little weight, but it is not advides and you would most likely feel sick most of the time, while losing relatively no weight.

if anything you will loose little or no weight.

People begin to lose weight in puberty when they start to go through their growth spurts. The timing of these is a little different in each child, but your body will lose weight in this time since it will use the extra stored energy to fuel the growth.

It is hard to lose weight any age. To lose weight you have to eat right and do little excises everyday for rest of your life. The day you stop that's the day you lose the war.

yes you can lose weight playing basketball, it doesn't have to be everyday but it takes time. When you play sports that you are active in you lose weight.

Not really. After you drink water, your body fluids come back. But you might lose a little bit weight.

You lose weight whenever you are not eating or drinking (you even lose weight by breathing out); so yes, kissing someone for any length of time will make you lose weight.

okay im 17 and im trying to lose weight. but its hard to lose that amount in a week especially at your age its unhealthy. lose weight little at a time. eat the right foods go for walks, jog with some friends and be active that's key in losing weight. Hope this helpss

Losing weight takes time. The ten year old may exercise for a little longer amount of time. but make sure you try not to disclude too much weight.

Yes, you can lose weight but in most cases, you do not lose the breast size. If this is a concern to you then you have your answer. But if this is alright with you then you should lose weight today, so that you will have time for the summer, a reunion, or a special party. You need to lose weight and you should be smart enough to do a little research to determine which diet supplement works. Diet supplement work for some people because they have concentrated formula of extracts to accelerate weight loss. You chould choose a supplement that contains clinically tested ingredients and with the right combination too.

well, try to lose weight normally and train your muscles because muscles add weight

It is possible to lose weight during your period if your period makes you feel a little bit sick, because you might lose your appetite, but overall, no. Only a healthy diet and exercise program can really help you lose weight.

the best way to lose weight is if you start knowing what your food is made of, and what exactly is necessary for you in your meals, and what to avoid.. most of us really skip stuff that are important and vital for our bodies, and at the very same time concentrate on meals that really harm us, and donate unnecessary fat to our bodies.. I think that losing weight depends on many factors, but in general many people lose noticeable weight in as little as 10 days, but seriously depends on how much you are willing to put into this..

She said she was eight stone and wanted to lose weight as she is reasonably small at 5 ft 3 but recently she has put on a little weight, she wants to lose it again :')

you can not wait more time to lose weight

Bulimia is not a way to lose weight, it is a mental disorder that ruins your life, destroys your body, and most of the time, results in weight gain. Most bulimics are average weight if not over weight. It is not a way to lose weight.

unfortunately no, you lose weight all over your body at the same time. There is no way for the body to spot reduce fat.

You lose weight working out in controlled time. In the morning is easier. And working out constantly without knocking yourself out weekly will help you lose weight. Good Luck!

A person can lose a lot of weight by consuming nothing but water over a period of time. However, this is not healthy, or an appropriate way to lose weight.

One way you might go about it is to lose weight a little at a time. This might not sound very desirable if you want to lose weight fast, but that way your skin will have time to tighten, rather than sag. Also, drinking lots of water will keep skin firmer and maintain elasticity. Hope that helps!

You do not lose a lot of weight in 5 days. You can lose a healthy amount of weight little by little. Eat well, excercise more, get involved with a team sport or join a gym. Yoga is a wonderful and gentle way to start transforming your body as well.

Short of liposuction there's no way to target weight loss. Stick to a sensible diet and exercise plan and you will lose weight a little all over.

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