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It is not possible to pick and choose where you lose weight. Your body naturally loses or gains all over. If you want to keep your boob size, use padded Bras or consider a breast augmentation if you have the money and know the risks. Weight always comes off your D cups first. No, it doesn't work that way. "Spot Reducing" is not possible although we would all like it to be!

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Q: How can you lose weight in your tummy without losing it in your breasts?
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Is it bad to sleep on your tummy when your breasts are growing?

No, has no effect on them.

What foods make your breasts butt bigger without makin your tummy bigger?

It is impossible to have such foods. Just eat foods with hormones in them.

How can you tone your tummy and lose love handles without losing weight anywhere else?

Honestly, it is really difficult to target where you lose weight. Instead, focus on doing exercises that help tone your tummy and love handles. A lot of time toning will give the appearance of weight loss without it actually happening.Continue focusing on a well balanced diet, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats,whole grains, and low fat dairy products. Weight loss occurs when you consume less calories than you burn, so keep that in mind.

Pregnancy symptoms when you have copper coil?

Sore breasts, lumps on nipples, tummy cramps

How can you lose weight instantly?

get a tummy tuck

I would like to get some information on Breast Augmentation and partial tummy tuck for my wife.?

Breast Augmentation can increase the size, shape and fullness of the breasts. It usually costs between $4,000 to $10,000 after fees and cost of implants. A partial tummy tuck can be done as an outpatient procedure and is cheaper than the average cost of $3,000 to $8,500 for a full tummy tuck. To be eligible for a partial tummy tuck one must be within 10 percent of their ideal body weight.

Does sperm make breast bigger and butt bigger?

No, it does not. It only makes your tummy bigger if you get pregnant. :P And if you do get pregnant, your breasts and your butt grow with your tummy...but on its own, nothing of the sort.

How do you loss tummy weight?

To lose your tummy weight you need to excercise regularly and eat healthy. That not as easy OS it sound but doing it the old school way works the best.

Why am I losing weight but feel full?

If you feel good about your body, then you shouldn't worry. But, if you want to get rid of that 'full feeling' or just get rid of the tummy, just do this simple tummy trick... suck your tummy in, don't hold your breath, just suck it in. do as often as you can. and when you have time breath really DEEP breaths hold it for 5 seconds and then release slowly... i tried this and it totally worked! hope this works for you!

How can you flatten your tummy and not lose weight in your buttock?


How did Beth smith Chapman lose weight?

She had a tummy tuck

Do you lose weight when you have a tummy tuck?

Yes you can if you try hard.

Where can I find a tummy tuck diet plan? has a very helpful video about the tummy tuck, and diet plans for it.

Does it mean im fat if you can make faces with your tummy?

To define if you are over weight or obese, simpy research what is the healthy weight for your height and age. Tummy fat is good, it means you're not underweight. If you are really not comfortable with it then there are simple daily exersices to toughen up the muscles in your tummy.

What is the best program for tummy weight loss?

The best workout for tummy weight loss would be a 30 minute daily cardio workout along with a great diet. For more information you can read here: If you are looking for an actual program Weight Watchers has many programs to help you with losing weight including their new PointsPlus program. This program will not only help you lose the fat but will also teach you to learn new healthy eating habits and keep the weight off.

What is the purpose of a tummy tuck diet ?

The tummy tuck procedure is not used to replace the surgical procedure. In fact the tummy tuck is only used to prevent excess skin that comes from loosing a large amount of weight.

When a woman tummy starts to grow without pregnancy what does it mean?

could mean something serious and you are retaining water in your abdomen or just weight gain, go get checked by a doctor.

What does it mean when you have your hormones sore breasts sore tummy gassy tired and hard nipples?

I would believe it means your pregnant dear.

Is drinking ice water good for weight loss?

it makes your tummy full

How does a tummy tuck help back pain?

One of the causes of back pain is obesity; the weight on your belly has to be held up by the muscles in your back. A "tummy tuck" can reduce the amount of belly weight, easing the strain on your back.

Period late tummy sore breasts sore could you be pregnant?

You very well could be pregnant. Get a pregnancy test if your suspect pregnancy.

Will birth control make your tummy flat?

In some woman it does in others it makes them gain weight.

Does vibrating belt reduce weight?

I dont know if it actually reduces weight, but its does sculpt ur tummy. I have the contour abs belt & totally love it!

How do you flatten your tummy without exercise?

All you need do is not eat as much food as you usually do.

How close to your ideal body weight should you be before getting a tummy tuck?

You should be as close as possible.