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I have seen many pools with spray nozzles that spray return water as a mist over the surface of the pool. If the circulation pump is turned on at night when the outside air temp drops, the misted water releases some of its heat into the atmosphere, and it falls into the pool at a cooler temp.

The best way to cool your water in the summer is to buy fountains that plug into the outlets that carry water from the pump. Besides being famous for cooling the water, they are pretty.

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Q: How can you lower the temperature of a large outdoor pool?
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What is the pool temperature if the outdoor temperature is 76?


Is there a maximum temperature for an outdoor condo swimming pool?

The optimum temperature for an outdoor recreational pool is 84 degrees. Sometimes in the hottest months of summer I have seen our outdoor pool reach as high as 88 degrees! Still refreshing tho!

Should you be in a outdoor pool in 60 degree weather?

I think it depends on weather the pool is heated. You want the pool to be a temperature that everyone can take. Also, outdoors will depend on the temp of your pool or any outdoor pool.

What is a safe temperature for an outdoor pool in southern florida?

A safe, comfort temperature for an outdoor pool in southern Florida would be about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Most outdoor pools in Florida are not heated, and there is usually no problem in swimming in cooler water.

What temperature should an outdoor pool be heated when the outdoor temperature is ranging from 62 evening and 85 degrees daytime?

I am a national lifeguard, working at an outdoor pool. Temperature should be between 74 ~ 80. If it's over 80 degree, there is possibly a great chance of bacteria growing.

How can you lower the temperature of a swimming pool?


Where can I get an outdoor pond?

I can get an outdoor pond by digging on in my back yard. FIrst, dig a large hole, the shape of your pool and its depth. NExt, fill he hole with cement so it can take the shape of your pool. FInally, add water and you have yourself an outdoor pool.

Is there a swimming pool in Foxton NZ?

Yes there is. It's open during the summer season - early November until about March. There is a large indoor pool, a toddler pool and a small kid's pool, and a large outdoor pool.

What is the best product to paint an outdoor concrete swimming pool in Ontario?

Suggest a darker color, which will help the pool keep a warmer temperature.

What is a safe temperature for an outdoor community pool in south Florida?

72-79 it gets really hot there

Which change would result in an increase in the rate at which water evaporates from an outdoor swimming pool?

Wind, humidity, and temperature

Which president added an outdoor pool to the White House?

Gerald Ford had an outdoor pool installed in 1975.

Does Walmart sell outdoor pool tables?

While Walmart sells indoor pool tables, they do not sell outdoor pool tables. However they do have indoor/outdoor tennis tables. They also sell covers for their indoor pool tables.

Does Long Beach city college have an indoor or outdoor pool?


What is the perfect temperature for swimming?

I'd say anytime is perfect if it's cold go to a indoor pool if its hot you can swim indoor and outdoor!

Can you get a quality outdoor swimming pool at a reasonable price?

Yes, you can get a quality outdoor swimming pool at a reasonable price. It usually just depends on how big you want the pool to be, and how much you are willing to spend for a bigger pool.

What is temperature for Olympic pool?

what is the temperature for olympic pool

How do you make a pool in millsberry?

You have to buy a pool from the Hardware Store in the "Outdoor" section.

Does the westin LAX airport hotel have an indoor pool?

No, only an outdoor pool.

What pool supplies do you need for an outdoor pool?

An outdoor pool does not require to much in the way of pool supplies. You will need a net, a vacuum system, and chemicals. Some people like to use a float to put chlorine tablets into.

A word for outdoor swimming pool?

A lido

What should the outdoor temperature be for you to go swimming?

It doesn't really matter what the outside temperature is as long as you are comfortable with the water temperature. I have swam in an indoor/outdoor pool in the middle of January in below freezing (in Canada) where the water was probably 90degrees. I even stood on the deck for a few seconds and was still warm with the water steaming off me.

What temp is too cool for a swimming pool?

It is a matter of personal preference. Your body temperature is 98.6 F. The lower the temperature of your pool water below that, the more heat it pulls from your body and the higher the likelihood of Hypothermia.

How do you cool down a large outdoor pool that is over 115 degrees during a hot summer in Arizona?

First, put some shade over it, maybe one of those large canvas things that you stretch between some poles. Next, have some water pumped through a sprayer that falls back into the pool. The extra evaporation should help bring down the temperature.

Does Disney bay lake tower have an indoor pool?

No, but they have an outdoor pool and hot tub.