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How can you make a Miku Hatsune cosplay shirt?


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November 09, 2011 1:11AM

Get the fabrics and the materials needed for sewing. You will need to know how to sew before making it. or you could buy it or get a friend to make it for you. for a small price or just out of love.

For just the Miku Hatsune Outfit (in general):

Start with a plain gray shirt with or without a collar and pocket.

( make sure you can fit it!)

Cut off the arms and stitch the edges to make them look straighter.

Get a blue tie and stitch on or sew on two black strips of fabric on the middle of the tie.

If you want to,put a yellow handkerchief in the pocket or sew on a yellow piece of fabric on the left side of the chest area.

Get blue fabric to stitch onto the bottom of the shirt,make sure the stitches are noticeable and the fabric's end is see able.