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You can't. If she likes one of your friends then that's ok. Maybey she will get tired of him and try looking for a new guy, so always try to impress her with what you and her like.

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be friends with girl and not her friends friend or you could try and make her friends like you more. If that doesn't work, just don't worry about it, if the girl really likes you, it won't matter what her friends think. Hope this helps!

Sometimes a guy can/will be mean or make fun of a girl in front of friends, but if he acts differently by himself that will mean he likes the girl. (or that he's acting to fit in with friends.)

Move on to the next girl that will like you and want to be with you. She probably feels that you both will make better friends than girlfriend and boyfriend.

Make friends with him and if he likes you too then you wait and if you see the girl go talk to another boy you wait until the boy does not like the second girl. Because the girl might like another boy and if she does than you wait when the boy ask you out.

Go for it. If you have a chance, she probably likes you too. But don't play any games. If your friends say you have a chance and like you like her make that chance a reality

Well, you should try to talk to the girl and ask her not listen to her friends if she doesn't want to. Then you should make your move and ask her out somewhere. And by the way, this answer is coming from a girl!!

If you like this boy and he likes you back then love is in the air. But if your friends say he has a girl friend then you should ask this guy and make sure he is telling you the truth. Who knows? Maybe your friends are right maybe he just liar. Friend are like family they want you happy.

A message from the girl of wisdom: YES IT DOES! omg he is letting his friends know he likes you and wants his friends to make friends with you if your going to around a lot :) lucky

Like doesn't like? The sentence structure doesn't make sense, but if the girl likes you(as a friend but not as a boyfriend), don't try to chase. Just be friends.

well im a girl, and to make a girl start liking to talk to you i say that you should start talking to her friends try to figure out what she likes. talk to her about what you like and try to get her interested but make her laugh try to make it really fun for her and if she likes you shell probably do the same. m@libu b.

Make friends with them both and see which one is the better match or who likes you back.

It is always very good to date with girls who you like as good friends and make sure that the girl likes and cares for you to.

One way to make the first move is just telling the girl that you like her and you can tell that she likes you. Ask the girl if she wants to be more than friends and take it from there.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You need to find a girl who likes you. You may also have to work on your ability to make friends. You need to do good things that will cause you to get positive attention from others.

Make friends with him and see what he is like. If you like him you could go out with him, but remember not to take it too far. Magenta

If you like her back, ask her out. If you don't like her, make sure she really actually does like you, but tell her you want to be only best friends and nothing more.

OK if you are talking about like if a guy/girl like likes you they will probablytry to talk to you(if it is a boy) impress youmake you jealousif you are talking about just friends they willaccept youact like a friendstand up for you

If she likes you she will say. If you try and force her she may decide she will not like you

I would suggest inlisting the help of your friends. if they are real friends, they will help you get with this girl. they may freak out at first when you tell them, but if they are your real friends, they will understand and help you. if they make fun of you, then pursue her anyway. you shouldn't care what other people think of your likings and such. you should like who ever you want to, regardless of what they think.

It depends if the other girl likes him too if he likes you and the other girl and the other girl likes him back then you should let him decide who he likes best and maybe it will be you, and if not he most likely will ask you out next. if the other girl doesnt like him back just make sure he knows u like him, and that he doesnt think the other girl likes him. Hope this helps!!!

find out what he likes best and try to talk about the subject and don't dress to pretty or to ugly and maybe try to make friends and maybe he will like you.

A girl can't MAKE a boy like her, but the best thing a girl can do is to be herself. That way, when a girl does meet a boy that likes her, he will like her for who she really is and that will make the girl very happy inside. Or if you were to like make the boy like you he would probably not think of you as you realy are i like a boy named Andy and im not a shy gurl but he likes shy gurls:(

Move on. You can't make someone like you.

Answerwhell if she likes you and you know be honest tell her you like her and that you know that she likes you. But make shure you know that she really likes you because if she dosent that could hurt alot especially if your friends. once one of my friends told a guy i liked and we were close friends and that changed everthing. i think i may have scared him a little because we were like brother and sister. but after a wile he got used to it and we are still friends but he is still cute! and if you know for shure ask her out! Good Luck!-----------------------------------------------------------CAREFUL! Jus because she likes you doesnt mean she will admit it even when you asked her out. i asked a girl out couple months ago, denied everything, yet she likes me, you never know.

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