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How can you make a guy fall in love with you?


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You can't make anyone fall in love with you. That's just the way it is. A guy is going to like you for the person that you are, don't go around trying to be something you're not just for him. That's like lieing to yourself. The truth is that if this guy likes the person you are, he will like you. Maybe you aren't his type, or maybe you aren't his. There are lots of fish in the sea, and this guy is not the only one out there. You can't make anyone fall in love with you, that's something that none of us have any control over. So step back and be patient. Someone will come, and when they do they're going to have to love you for the real person you are. Viola. Ask him out asap, before someone else does.
If you think he will like you he probably will but be prepared to be disappointed when he says no. ANSWER All I can say is just be yourself. If a guy doesn't like you for who you are, then he isn't worth it. ANSWER Totally not worth it. Well if there is that one guy that you really like, but he doesn't like you, every time you see him talk to him, smile anything like that. Innocently sit beside him in classes and ask him for help, whether he's smart or not. Your call, but I would still go with be yourself. After you have done the above and you still can't tell of any change in his emotions or feelings, just move on and go hang out with some friends. Maybe he will notice you are gone and look around for you. ANSWER You can't make a guy fall in love with you. Its his feelings and if you are a good friend or get along well, then it could be harder for him to like you in that way. All I can say is be yourself because if you don't he might not like the person you pretend to be, but could fall in love with the real person that's inside you. Make sure you know him well just in case your wanting something that isn't really worth it and all girls need the best. Let him do the chasing because after all you don't want to seem desperate. ANSWER I'm a guy and I know that girls can. Think of guys like rubber bands, they like you and get closer, you get too close and they want to go away, you go away and they want to come closer. It's a tiring game but it's worthwhile in the end if the person is worthwhile. ANSWER Talk to the guy you like a lot. Try to relax, and be funny if you can. That's what I like most in girls, if I can laugh around her, and be comfortable. Don't complain to him, or say negative things, like how bitchy a teacher is, or how an old friend is a slut. Try to always be positive around him. ANSWER Just flirt with him. The emotions will come. I have been in many relationships and most of them were me not liking the girl but after they tell you they like you I always seem to look at them and every time I do I seem to like them more and more but then sometimes they'll shoot you down after that. It's funny how the world works! Simple. You can't. You can make a guy fall in love with you. Just talk to him. He can't love a girl he's never talked to. Just be your self you should never have to change for someone. If he's nice, let him know you like him before he really knows you. He'll be more comfortable around you and maybe even flirt. Remember, guys fear rejection but you just told him there won't be any rejection. Soon he'll start liking you and when he does find out about you he'll be less susceptible to being pushed away and he'll be more accepting. This works for both him being a friend and him being your boyfriend. You should try to talk to him as much as possible, without going overboard. Most guys don't realise a girl is into them. Technically there is no way to "make" him fall in love with you. My advice is though is to just BE YOURSELF Don't try to act like someone your not, because they will probably think you're TRYING to impress them, and most don't like that. Just be yourself and if he doesn't like you for who you are he isn't worth the trouble! Take your time take it slow don't give up in the first month or week boys are somewhat dumb so be patient. The best thing to do sinse you can't get cupid to say it for you, is to say hi and good bye when ever you can and really talk to him a lot. Then he will start to like you because then he won't be so worried about what you think of him. Be yourself! Everything will be ok! If you're not yourself then what if he falls for the wrong one? It's impossible to MAKE someone love you.... they'll love you if they actually love you. I know you've heard this before (and to tell you the truth, I get tired of it too), but all you ca do is be yourself. Just take a chance and talk to him, who knows what might happen? Think about this and I mean REALLY think about it; you only live once. Take risks and who cares if he doesnt end up falling for you in the end? HIS LOSS!!!!!! There are plenty more fish in the sea.
Sadly, you can not make someone fall in love with you.

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You can't "make" anyone fall in love with you.

You can't make the guy you like fall in love with you. Just be yourself; if he doesn't like it, then he isn't worth it. Don't try to make him fall in love with you, it will most likely freak him out and make him not like you more.

You can't make someone love someone else. It just happens. Its not a choice who you fall in love with. If you dont fall in love with someone, you dont, if you do, you do. There's really no choice. :/ Sorry.

Just be yourself. If it is going to be, then it will happen. If not. then it was not meant to be. There is nothing you can do to make a guy fall in love with you. It's all due to chemistry, if he fancies you and you fancy him, then fine. But if there is an imbalance, then there is nothing you can do to make him fall in love with you.

1. Move on. You cannot make a straight guy fall in love with a gay guy. 2. Find someone who can really love you the way you want to be loved.

You cannot "make" anybody fall in love. It's not possible to force them.The only thing you can do is to be yourself and a guy who likes you for you will eventually show up and fall in love with you.

Try be more nice to him and make him notice you

You can't "make" someone fall in love with you no matter how long you've been dating.

be yourself don't be another person, u know what just ask him out if he says no then u can't make him fall in love with u!

Show him the good side of you. These are good qualities that make you.

You can't. You can't "make" anybody fall in love with you. You can't even make anybody like you. All you can do is be likeable/lovable and hope.

You can't make anyone fall in love with you, the best you can do is make it obvious that you like him and that you would be interested in being more than just frends and then leave it up to him.

for any guy making her laugh is real good for starters.

it is inpossible to force love upon someone, therefore it is impossible to make anyone fall in love with anyone else, Gay, Bi or strait. Love in the will of the heart.

Depends on the person you are chasing for. Do activities that attract the guy.

1. You spelt make wrong and #2 U can make a guy fall in love with a girl by telling him cool things about that girl u want the guy to fall in love with.(U should ussually tell him cool things that he thinks is cool too!!!)TRUST ME !!!!!!!!! I had experienced this...

You can make someone fall in love with you by just being yourself and no one else but if your a complete weirdo then I wish you GOOD LUCK!

Don't try to "make" someone like you. It doesn't work.


Honestly, You can't. I should know. By the way, if you love a guy just try to make him laugh. A LOT

whwen they think they found the right guy they fall for him and they fall in love

Although not common it has happened that a straight guy who gets to know a gay guy can fall in love, but the percentages are very low.

You can fall in love with a guy from another country. Getting past the difficulties of the distance is the hard part.

Answer You cannot make someone, anyone, fall in love. They either fall in love with someone or they do not.

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