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How can you make an albanian family like you?

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June 29, 2012 11:44AM

There are some cultures where they prefer their teens or older children to date or marry into their own culture and if their children refuse then it's going to take some doing by the intruder into the family to win them over, but it can be done. To please. Be polite, genuine in trying to get to know them because if you aren't genuine they'll know it and ignore you. Get on the Internet and read up on the culture so you know how to treat the family. For instance, Chinese prefer fruit to flowers, while other cultures love flowers. The more you understand the culture the more you'll understand their ways and what you may think is the fact you aren't fitting in may not be the case at all. Although being polite NEVER be afraid to speak your mind if you feel you are being treated in a rude manner. Most cultures are high on manners and would be devastated should one of their own be out and out rude.