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There is nothing you can do about it, you cannot rush love. When he is ready and i am sure he is but building up the courage to say it. Don't worry just wait and I'm sure that you will be husband&wife xx

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โˆ™ 2009-12-16 19:40:37
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Q: How can you make your boyfriend want to marry you?
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What will make my boyfriend want to marry me?

He will want to marry because you are the girl of his dreams. Also if you have been nice to him all the while, he might consider marrying you.

You want your boyfriend to marry you?

If u want your boyfriend to marry you go up old school and ask him your self only if your ready for that step!!!

What do you do if you want to get married but your boyfriend tells you he will never marry you?

get a new boyfriend

How do you tell your boyfriend you don't want to marry him even though you told him yes?

just be brave and idment it that you dont want to marry him.

Does Hayden Panettiere want to married her current boyfriend?

yes she does want to marry her boyfriend because she is telling her friends that she wants him to be her husband!

Your boyfriend is in the us illegally how do you make him legal?

marry him

Should you break up with a boyfriend who wont marry you?

Him not wanting to marry may mean your really special to him. But ask him about why he doesn't want to marry you.

You want to marry your boyfriend but he is illegal and was married in Mexico?

He is already married, you can't marry him unless he gets a divorce.

Is it bad to want to marry your boyfriend of 5 12 years after high school?

No just make sure that you are positive that you want to marry him think it over and then when the time is right just simply say ''(his name) will you take my hand in marriage?''

What to do when your boyfriend doesn't want more children?

If he doesn't want more children, and you do, its simple. Move on. Don't marry him.

Why doesn't your boyfriend of 2 years want to marry you?

because I knew him very well

What does a girl do when boyfriend want to make out?

you kiss him if you want to

Can you marry your boyfriend in the Philippines and marry your other boyfriend in the us?

Only if they are the same dude.

My boyfriend and I?

your question does not make any sense. your boyfriend and you.....what? what do you want to know?

Do you have to make a boyfriend on Sims 3?

You do not need to make a boyfriend if you want. You can interact with a CPU sim and you can get a boyfriend if you have a good relationship with that CPU.

You want to get marry but my boyfriend dont want too?

Dating can only end is marriage or a breakup. If your boyfriend doesn't want the first one, there's only one other way it can end.

Can a US citizen travel to Canada to marry her Canadian boyfriend?

Not if you don't want to be put to death.

What do you do if your boyfriend wants to get sexual?

Depending on your age you can either break up with him or marry him if you want sex.

My boyfriend is still married after 25yrs with one son and wants to marry me soon how do i know hes over his wifethey still talk on the phone?

well first of all he might want to get a divorce before he can marry you. if he won't get a divorce then does not want to marry you.

Why the guy that I don't want to marry wants to marry me and the guy that I want to marry dosent want to marry me?

Because one mans food is another mans poison.try to make your poison your food cos someone is already eating it.

You are 17 and your boyfriend is 19 you want to marry him where and how can you go about this in GA without parental consent?

You cannot marry in GA without parental consent if you are under 18.

How do you make your sister stop liking your ex boyfriend?

yes or he will love him and only one can marry him

I live in Ireland i want to marry my American boyfriend and live here?

Yes, you just have to fly there, and pass an immigration test. Then you can marry him, and live either Ireland or the US of A.

What does it mean to want to wife someone?

It means that you want to marry her. To make her your wife.

How can you marry your American boyfriend can you visit America and then just marry him and stay?

If he agrees to marry you.

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