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Genetics are the most influential element. Exercise may help, but don't count on it.

Eating healthy foods (like your fruits and vegetables) may also help.

To get smaller boobs you have to loose body fat by doing a lot of cardio. To get bigger boobs, you have to gain weight. To perk up your cleavage line, you can do push ups. You could always get implants.

Working out your upper body will make your boobs smaller. That's why you don't lift weights. You could also try eating bananas.

There are several ways to do it.

*Implants that can be silicone or saline solution. It is a cosmetic surgery with all the risks of any surgery.

*A hormonal program that must be supervised by an endocrinologist and that is usually reserved for shape issues caused by a low level of female hormones or by estrogen dominance.

*Weightlifting and workouts targeted to the gluteal area will help there.

*Diets rich in phytoestrogens (avoiding excesses).

*Combinations of specific diet, workouts and herbal products as Femimore or Pueraria Mirifica(exercise caution with Pueraria, avoid excesses)

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Q: How can you make your butt and breasts bigger?
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Does sperm make breast bigger and butt bigger?

No, it does not. It only makes your tummy bigger if you get pregnant. :P And if you do get pregnant, your breasts and your butt grow with your tummy...but on its own, nothing of the sort.

What foods make your breasts butt bigger without makin your tummy bigger?

It is impossible to have such foods. Just eat foods with hormones in them.

Do strawberries make your butt bigger?

No, strawberries do not make your butt bigger.

Do push-up bras make your breasts bigger?

The make you breasts look bigger but they do not make your breasts grow bigger.

Does doggy style make your butt bigger?

No, it cannot and does not make your butt bigger.

Can brith control get you bigger breasts n a butt?

Nooooooo.... DUmmy...

Does touching your breasts make your breasts bigger?


Do pregnancy pills make breasts bigger?

The combined contraceptive pill will make your breasts bigger...

Does spinach make your butt bigger?

No, spinach has no special ability to make your butt bigger. .

Does the contraceptive implant make your butt bigger?

The contraceptive implant does not make your butt bigger.

Is there a age limit to make massage for breasts to make them bigger?

Massage does not make breasts bigger. Female hormones do.

Does Oatmeal make your butt BIGGER?

It does,But Oatmeal makes your butt BIGGER.

What foods can make your butt and breasts bigger if you have a fast digestive track?

Milk, dairies, and all kind of jello plus pudding.

Do french fries make your butt bigger?

No they make you bigger! No they make you bigger!

Where can i find pills to make your butt bigger?

There are no pills to make your butt bigger. If you want you butt bigger, eat McDonald's.

What can you eat for bigger breasts?

Nothing you eat will make your breasts bigger. The only way to make your breast size bigger is to have a surgical implant.

What can make your butt bigger?

squats or riding your bike for long periods of time can make your butt bigger

Do hot dogs make your butt bigger?

Eating hot dogs would not make your butt bigger.

How do you get your breasts and butt to grow?

Plastic Surgery that's the only way i know. Or if your overweight you could lose weight and it will make them look bigger

How do you make your butt look big in jeans?

You can not. However, you could make your butt bigger if you want to make your butt look bigger in anything. Just eat and sit on your butt, and it will grow.

What can you eat to make your breasts and butt bigger?

AnswerNothing really, all you should do is make sure you are eating healthy and exorcising and I'm sure that your butt and breast are a good should be happy the way you are!..hope i helped?!!!

What massage should you use to make breasts grow?

Only surgery can make your breasts bigger. There is nothing you can do to make them grow faster or bigger.

What foods can make your butt and breasts bigger?

Unfortunately, there are no foods that will help you get bigger breasts and butt. Your body's build is determined by genetics and you can not change that. It is unlikely that your breast size will be increased to any real degree by anything except breast augmentation surgery. You may, however, be able to increase the size of your butt through regular exercise targetted to that area. For exercises that will help tone and shape the butt visit the Related Links.

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