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How can you make your car windows roll up and down easily?


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2005-08-29 17:50:37
2005-08-29 17:50:37

spray silicone spray along the window guides. DO NOT SPPRAY WD40.


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The Mazda van (MPV?) and the Toyota Sienna have side windows that roll down half way.

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Nope sorry, 1 the doors in a Tahoe are not shaped right to allow the window to roll down all the way.

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If you car windows are already down then the cop can't make you roll them up. Now if you wanted to prove him wrong and roll them up and they won't be tinted, all that would do is make them mad.

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When only the back windows are down, they make a thumping sound because of the air tightness of the car's cabin. Roll down a front window slightly and this will go away.

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