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go to your local auto parts store. They should have different sizes and types of gasket material.

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Q: How can you make your own gaskets?
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Can you make your own seal?

you mean like on a car? Probably not a seal exactly. But i know you can get gasket material to make gaskets from many auto parts stores.

Could you make your own gasket and how?

You can buy sheets of gasket material (usually cork) and trace out the gasket you need then cut it out with a pen knife. I've even used a piece of leather to make gaskets with.

Can blown head gaskets make your car run hot?


What is Serrated Gaskets?

Gaskets that are serrated

what are the different types of gaskets who is the leading manuafcturer of gaskets in india?

Different Types Of Gaskets: PTFE Sheet Gaskets Expanded PTFE Sheet Gaskets Ring Joint Gaskets Metal Jacketed Gaskets Spiral Wound Metallic Gaskets Graphoil Ring Gasket Industrial Cut Gaskets Rubber Gaskets Flange Insulation Gasket Kit Ceramic Gaskets Flexible Graphite Gaskets Gasco INC. is one of the leading and Certified manufacturer, supplier of gaskets, O Ring, Seal Ring, & Gland Packings in India for industrial usage that works even in the most stringent conditions.

What are the uses of gaskets?

Gaskets are used in the building and construction industries, the petrochemical industry, the oil and gas industry, and the chemical industry. The following are the applications of gaskets: Gaskets is used in Process industry Gaskets is used in Petrochemical industry Gaskets is used in Chemical industry Gaskets is used in Pharmaceutical industry Gaskets is used in Pulp and paper industry Gaskets is used in Food and beverage industry Gaskets is used in Sugar industry Gaskets is used in Flange connections Gaskets is used in Pipe connections For more information visit - Website - gasco gaskets web site - gasket manufacturer in india

What would make you have oil in your spark plug cylinders?

valve cover gaskets

Will manifold gaskets make a car misfire?

yes, their sucking air, 65;

Are intake gaskets and head gaskets the same thing?

intake gaskets are between the head and intake. head gaskets are between the head and the block..

Which types of gaskets are used in oil refineries?

It depends on acountry. The most popular gaskets for the refineries are semi metallic gaskets (Spiral Wound Gaskets andKammprofiles).

What are some common problems with a 1998 subaru legacy outback awd?

Head gaskets, head gaskets, head gaskets

Are valve cover gaskets and head gaskets the same thing?


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