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How can you measure water pressure?

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Go to Home Depot and get a pressure guage the will screw on your water hose faucet.

2006-08-27 16:48:08
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How can you measure water pressure with out a pressure gauge?

Measure the HEIGHT. Multiply heighth by .434 to find water psi.

Why would you measure the density of water?

to for example measure the pressure under water

Can a flow meter measure my water pressure?

Yes you can use a flow meter to measure your water pressure. They are available at any home improvement retailer.

How do you measure water pressure from a pump?

Check the water pressure gauge should have been installed on the upstream side of the pump.

What type of units do you use to measure water pressure?

the answer is that you use a themoniter

Can a barometer be used to measure the flow of water?

No, a barometer measures pressure.

What does a barometer measure in?

A barometer is used to measure air pressure. It measures the atmospheric pressure using air, mercury, or water and will be shown as inches of mercury or millibars.

How is water pressured be measure?

Using a water pressure gauge and is measured in kilo pascals (kpa)

Meaning of mmAq?

It is a measure of pressure - measured as the height (in millimetres, mm) of water (Aqua) that the pressure would support.

How many liters of water equal one bar?

The units are incompatible, litres measure volume bars measure pressure .

What formula to measure pressure in a water tank?

Forget formula - put a gauge on it and read it.

What does a barometer measure?

A barometer is an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure. It can measure the pressure exerted by the atmosphere by using water, air, or mercury. Pressure tendency can forecast short term changes in the weather. Numerous measurements of air pressure are used within surface weather analysis to help find surface troughs, high pressure systems, and frontal boundaries.See the related link .A barometer measures air pressure.A barometer is an instrument that is used to measure atmospheric pressure.

What is the unit of measure for electrical pressure or electromotive force?

if you would see power as a water pipe line then the unit of water pressure would be Volts and the and the current would be Ampéres

What is relative humidity and what is it relative to?

Relative humidiy is a measure of how much water vapour is in the air. It is the vapour pressure relative to the saturdated vapour pressure

Which is the unit of measure they describes electrical pressure is?

Volt is a measure of electrical pressure.

Does a water meter only measure the time that the water is flowing past it assuming that the water is always flowing at a constant pressure?

No. Most water meters are of the positive displacement type. They meter actual volume, and are pressure independent. Also note that water flow and pressure are not the same thing. You can have high flow with low pressure, and also low flow with high pressure, depending on the size of the pipe and/or openings (such as valves) and the pressure.

What should be the pressure of the water as it leaves the return jet and enters an in-ground swimming pool?

No specified pressure at the "return" fittings at pool side. You do not measure pressure at these points.

Are milliliters used to measure air pressure?

No, milliliters are used to measure volume, not air pressure or any other kind of pressure.A barometer is what is used to measure air pressure in your home, your office, in a weather station, etc.A pressure guage is a tool used to measure the air pressure in a car tire.

What do scientists use o measure air pressure?

A barometer to measure air pressure.

What does a mercury barometer measure?

Barometers are used to measure pressure.

What is the syandard measure of blood pressure?

The standard measure of blood pressure is the millimeters of mercury.

Which devise is used to measure air pressure?

A barometer is used to measure air pressure.

What is the function of pressure gauge?

to measure pressure

What instrument is normally used to measure atmospheric pressure?

A barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure. It can also measure altitude!

Does a wind vane measure air pressure?

Wind vanes measure wind direction. Barometers measure air pressure.