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the seat has a metal carriage or tray that houses the gear tracks and motor, and an internal frame that bolts down onto it from inside the upholstery. with the tracks sitting over the bolts that mount the entire seat to the floor of the van, you cannot remove the seat the usual way. Removing the seat is done by finding the four corner bolts that attach the tray to the seat's internal frame, and un-doing those. The seat will now lift off the tray, but is still attached by wires, so be careful about moving it around, and be gentle with the wire connecting plugs. They will be brittle and easy to break. (WD-40 will lubricate a plastic plug and does not conduct electricity). Whether you disconnect the seat or not, the next thing is to move the track. the drive motor is bolted onto the side of the track, with the pinion gear pushing into the side, engaging its teeth with the track teeth. To move the tray forward or back, you un dolt the drive motor from the side plate and pull out on it to get the drive pinion gear out of the track teeth, ON BOTH SIDES. now you can slide the track and reassemble the whole thing, or play with the motor until you find the problem. The motor, and its control relay, and even the command switch are ALL perfectly interchangeable with the other seat. If you take apart the other seat, you can swap parts between seats till the dead seat moves again, and replace whatever was bad. Look for broken wires, that is the usual cause. A used TRAY, motors and all, from a salvage yard will cost about $100 to $200 (any more than that is a rip-off), will bolt right in, and problem gone. Rotsa Ruck!


I had the same problem with my 2001, the seat would slide to de back, up and down but it wouldn't move to the front, I replaced the switch, and problem solved, check the switch on your seat it might be bad, it cost about $35.00 instead of 100 or 200, GOOD LUCK

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Q: How can you move an electric seat in a Ford Windstar LX van manually or how can you fix the electric motor?
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