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Did the 1998 Ford Windstar ever have an electric sliding side door?

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no it did not

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Replace freeze plug on a 1998 ford Windstar?

Replace freeze plug in a 1998 ford windstar ?

What freon does the 1998 ford windstar van use?

A 1998 Ford Windstar would use refrigerant 134a

What fuse for windstar lx electric windows?

ford windstar fuses for electric windows location and numbers Windstar LX

Where is your fuel pump on a 1998 windstar 3.8L?

The ELECTRIC fuel pump is INSIDE the fuel tank It is installed through an access hole on top of the tank On your Ford Windstar

Do they make a windstar with only one side sliding door?

Ford was rather late in the mini-van game when they added the second sliding door in 1999, and continued it to the end of the Windstar name in 2003. Trivia Tidbit: The successor to the Windstar name was the "Freestar" and coincided with the introduction of the twin Mercury Monterey. I do not believe any single side door Windstar was offered after 1998.

Does a 1998 3.8gl ford windstar have a timing belt or chain?

On a 1998 Ford Windstar : The 3.8 liter V6 engine ( and the 3.0 ) has a timing CHAIN

What number in fuse box is for the horn on a 98 ford windstar?

On a 1998 Ford Windstar : ( # 16 / 20 amp )

Are windows from a 1998 Ford Windstar compatible with a 1999 Windstar?

Not likely - the 1999 Windstar was a rather significant updating of design compared to 1995-1998 models.

What is cylinder 3 on a ford windstar 1998?

On a 1998 Ford Windstar ( 3.0 and 3.8 ) firewall 1-----2-----3 4-----5-----6 front of vehicle > driver

Where is the 1998 Ford windstar oil pan?

On the underside of the engine.

Where is the cabin air filter on a 1998 ford windstar?

It does not have one.

What controls the electric sliding doors on your 2000 ford windstar everytime you try to replace fuse6 it blows out?

check that the door contact switches are not grounding against the frame... good luck dave

Where is Answers for ford windstar 1998 gl?

Mostly in the Windstar category - they all apply to the GL model

Is there a thermostat for the rear heater in a 1998 ford windstar van?

Temperature is controlled via an electric actuator motor.See "Related Questions" below for more all about Windstar rear heating / cooling systems.

What size engine in a 1998 ford windstar van?

In a 1998 Ford Windstar : There were 2 engine sizes offered from the factory : A 3.0 liter V6 engine and the 3.8 liter V6 engine

How do you find and replace an actuator for a 1999-2003 ford windstar lx climate control switch?

electric window binds on 2003 ford windstar

Where is the water pump on a 98 ford windstar?

Follow the LOWER radiator hose from the radiator . It connects to the water pump on the engine on a 1998 Ford Windstar

Is Ford Windstar reliable car?

The engine may be reliable but there have been too many problems with power window switches,electric motors, power sliding doors and door ajar warning lights.

What needs to be checked when 1998 ford Windstar will not start?

A Chevrolet Dealership

Fuse box diagram 1998 ford windstar?

The fuse box diagram for a 1998 Ford Windstar van is located on the inside cover of the box cover. It can also be viewed within the service manual.

Which oil filter do I use for 1998 Ford Windstar?

According to one of Fords websites : For a 1998 Ford Windstar ( 3.0 and 3.8 ) The ( Motorcraft FL-400-S ) engine oil filter is used

Does a 1998 ford Windstar 6 cylinders have 3 or 4 gears?

On a 1998 Ford Windstar ( 3.0 and 3.8 liter V6 engines ) It uses a 4 speed automatic / overdrive transaxle ( transmission )

Where is the distributor on a 1998 ford windstar?

A 1998 Ford Windstar has the Electronic Distributorless Ignition System ( EDIS ) so there is no distributor . It uses ( 1 ) coil pack that has ( 6 towers ) for the spark plug wires

How do you adjust a sliding electric door which wont latch - Windstar 2000 Passenger rear door closes but pops back open especially in cold weather Can the steel pull cable be tightened or loosened?

The Ford Windstar sliding passenger door has adjustments on the roller guides. There are roller guides on the top and the bottom of the door. There are also adjustments on the stationary door latch.

What causes the rpm to flactuate on a 1998 ford windstar?

Probably a vacuum leak