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Well, it isn't quite as simple as that. Depending on the situation and the type of person you are, this can vary.

If its a situation you are scared of, you can sometimes help this out. Think what the worst possible consequences are (if its a bank robbery and your hostage, maybe best you do this only to make sure you don't get yourself killed. This is best for more minor situations). Sometimes you iwll find they aren't even that bad! Try and pinpoint what you are afraid of exactly.

Sometimes you can talk yourself out of fear. For example, is your fear practical? If not, then stop worrying about it. If your afraid that a terrorist will suddenly run up to you with a bomb taped to his chest and blow you up, this is not a practical fear (unless you are currently serving over-seas of course). You have twice the chance of being crushed by a vending machine than to be killed by terrorists.

Fear is often said to be the weakest emotion. Fear clouds decision and can kill psychical response (Adrenaline is completely different). Think about it, being scared of things is a waste of emotion and thinking often. Especially things that can't be controlled or modified by you. If you have no say in it, what's going to happen will happen so stop worrying about it.

Since just to "stop worrying about it" is ahrd for many people, here are some things that help many people out:

-Calm your mind, stop racing from thought to thought. Stay away from the "what if?" thoughts. Attempt to stop thinking about it so much.

-Take deep breaths. This is a proven technique to calm the body.

-Some people find meditating helpful.

-Attempt to clam your eyes. Many people agree calming the eyes will result in the mind and body following suit. This means to stop looking around so much, slowing your blinkrate (you blink consistently more when yo uare anxious, lying, nervous, or scared).

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Q: How can you not be scared?
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