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Use the keyUse the key.

The S-Type key hole is above the center of the license plate between the two plate light lenses. It almost looks like a screw head. You will have to angle the key upward to insert it into the lock.



Open the back door and take out the passengers back seat.

now how to do that?right.

just hold the bottom of the seat and shake it until it get off.

put the bottom of the seat as far as you can on front seats.

you can't take it out because the seat belts are holding it.

now take a screw driver and unscrew the screws that are holding the back side of back seats they are all located on the bottom (don't worry it's little hard but you can do it so keep it up)now try to pull the back of the seats and with a flashlight

try to see inside the trunk. On the right and left there are two back seat release pulling wires (NOTE:TWO RELEASE WIRES TO OPEN THE BACK OF THE BACK SEATS ONE ON LEFT FOR LEFT AND ONE ON RIGHT FOR RIGHT)now try to reach one of them.

Ones you pull on it the back of the seat will be released now pull the other wire too, to release both sides.Ones they are down enter inside the trunk and fold the trunk carpet back now you can see the battery. With the car battery buster bust the battery (be careful the top one is Negative(-)and the bottom one close to you is positive(+) don't mix them if not it will catch fire try to see the +/- signs on the battery before plugging it ones buster plugged and power on the lights will be on now go to the driver seat and press the trunk release button it will open the trunk

in case it doesn't work try to start the car and keep pressing the trunk release button it will open it.Don't try to give a bust to the Jaguar s type fuse box located on the left of the engine under the front hood it can burn your electric system.(THE SAFE WAY TO DO THAT IS TO TAKE OFF THE FRONT RIGHT SIDE TIRE. IT'S LOCATED ON THE PASSENGER SEAT SIDE.ONES IT'S OFF TRY TO LOCATE THE ALTERNATOR ON THE ALTERNATOR THERE WILL BE A PLACE LOOK LIKE A SCREW PUT THE (NEGATIVE (-)BLACK WIRE TO THE METAL AND THE (POSITIVE(+)RED WIRE OF THE BUSTER ON THE ALTERNATOR SCREW AND TURN IT ON IT SHOULD TURN THE ELECTRIC SYSTEM OF YOUR JAGUAR S TYPE (ON)

if you have any questions for Jaguar s type you can see your local Jaguar dealer

ask him that you want to talk to a mechanic and ask the mechanic all your questions (when you don't use your Jaguar for a while take off the battery negative(-)black wire and positive(+)red wire it will help you a lot.I hope it will help

good luck


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Q: How can you open your trunk on 2000 jaguar s type with dead battery?
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How do get in trunk if battery dead on 2000 jaguar?

Does it not have a key lock on the trunk lid.

How do you open the trunk on a Jaguar xj8 with a dead battery?

use the key

How can you open your trunk on 1995 jaguar vdp with dead battery?

call a lock smith

How do you get in the trunk if battery is dead?

1 use your jaguar key to manually open the trunk 2 use a battery charger/engine starter machine to give power to your battery3 jumpstart the vehicle4 switch the battery

How do you unlock trunk in a 2003 type s jaguar if battery is dead?

Use your key to turn the lock on the rear of the vehicle.

How can you get into your 2000 Jaguar when the car is locked and the battery is dead?

Yeah... sorry but break open a window.

How do you get in to your trunk if your battery is dead?

a key...Charge your battery

How do you open trunk on 2010 Toyota Prius when battery is dead?

How do you open the trunk in a 2010 toyota Pirus if dead battry

How do you open a jaguar xf trunk with a dead battery?

Remove the plastic cover from the emergency trunk lock (to the left of the release button) and then use the Key blade from the remote key fob by holding the button on the side and pulling it out.. Then use this key in the mechanical lock to open the trunk.

How do you open the trunk on a 325i with a dead battery?

Use the key

How do you Open trunk with a dead battery 99 c230?

With the key?

How to open the trunk on a bmw745li with a dead battery?

Use you key.

How can you open your trunk on 2000 Jaguar S type with a dead battery and the key does not work?

Try using the trunk open button inside the vehicle located @ the lower left hand side of the steering wheel on the dash board (near left knee when sitting in the vehicle). Or you can use the key itself. There should be a keyhole near the bottom center of the chrome part of the trunk where you insert the key and turn to open the trunk.

How do you open the trunk of a Maserati if the battery is dead?

Surely there is a place to insert and use a key to open the trunk.

Jaguar XK8 My battery is totally dead and I cannot open the trunk to jump start it. Is there another way to open the trunk or jump start it without reaching the battery?

After I tried the above without success, I called the dealer. I have a 2002 XK8. There is a hole for the key between the X and the K just above the rear bumper. The battery is to the right of the spare.

How do you open the trunk when the battery is dead on 2002 jaguar xk8?

You'll find that the key goes into a keyhole hidden in the Chrome "XK8" badge on the rear panel. Between the k and the 8 if I recall.

How do you get in the trunk if the battery is dead?

Many people would use a key.

How do you open the trunk of a Mercedes Benz E400 with a dead battery?

With your key.

Change battery in 2002 Mercedes s430?

open trunk. if battery is dead use the key blade. battery is located in the right rear quarter panel . under trunk padding

How do you open the trunk when battery is dead on Audi tt convertible and the lock box is locked?

Replace the battery or jump the battery.

How do you open the trunk from a BMW 330 series if you have a dead battery and no keys to unlock the trunk?

Remove the rear seat.

How do you pop the trunk of a 1998 280c Mercedes when it is locked and the battery is dead?


How do you access the battery of a 2000 jaguar xj8?

The Battery is located in the truck of the car on the passenger side. There is a removal panel covering it. To access it when the battery is dead, attach jumper cables as you would to jump the car and depress the truck opening button on the dash.

Jaguar XK 8 2002 model How do you release trunk with dead battery and the keyhole in the xk8 badge does not work?

If you own a Jaguar with the battery in the trunk and it is normally opened by a button or switch inside the car but the battery is dead...well open the hood, pull another car or just a battery up to it. With a jumper cable hook the negitive battery terminal from the battery to a solid metal part of the engine assembly...then with a smaller jumper wire hooked to positive battery terminal hook the other end to the large post coming out of the you might want to hook up the small jumper wire to the large post coming out of the rear of the alternator first... because if you touch it to any part that's metal it will doing this you will send power into the electrial system and you can now use the switch to open the trunk....

How do you open the trunk on a 1995 jaguar if the battery is dead and there is no keyhole?

There IS a keyhole, It is located in the model name plate (XJ6, XJ Sport, XJ Executive, XJ12, etc) it is small and round and uses the ignition key.