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How can you prevent pregnancy without side effects?

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You can prevent pregnancy by using condoms. abstain from it

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Is ocella a good birth control pill to prevent pregnancy?

If taken correctly and you have no side effects they are round 99% effective.

Side effects of mastuburation?


What are side effects of Zyrtec?


What is the advantages of the pullout method?

It can be used to prevent pregnancy when no other method is available. There are no medical or hormonal side effects. No prescription is necessary. It is free.

Can Ambien cause problems with pregnancy?

Ambien has side effects. Best to check with your GP to see if these side effects can cause direct problems with pregnancy!

What are the common side effects of withdrawal method?

Pregnancy and STDs.

Are bloating and some weight gain in the first 3 months side effects of pregnancy?

I dont know if you would call them side effects exactly but yes they are annoying symptoms of pregnancy.

How do you know its diet pills side effects and not pregnancy?

By taking a pregnancy test. If it's positive, it might be the pregnancy symptoms.

What are the side effects of the hcg diet in women?

The HCG diet is not safe and can have many side effects. Some of these side effects include migraines, blood clots, nausea, constipation, and pregnancy in women.

What are the effects of snorting Viagra for women?

it is bad side effect for pregnancy

Can birth control have the same side effects as pregnancy?

In the first few months of use, birth control pills can cause nausea and breast tenderness, like pregnancy. These side effects go away with time.

What are three side effects in pregnancy or childbirth when the mother is a smoker?

There are many side effects best way to find a bunch is by doing a web search for the answer.

What are the effects of taking Vicodin during pregnancy?

I am 9 weeks pregnant and am concerned about taking norcotens and the side effects

What are the side effects of going off the pill mid pack?

Pregnancy for one.

What are beta blocker side effects?

Prevent sympathetic system of the heart.

Does Dolo-cold have any side effects?

is dolo-cold safe during pregnancy (3 months pregnancy)

Side effects of shagging?

The possibility of a pregnancy; and the possibility of catching a sexually transmitted disease.

Arzep CFC free nasal spray side effects on pregnancy?

your baby will die

Is there any side effects when you use withdrawal method?

Pregnancy and STDs. Wear a condom.

Does alderid-d tablet taken during pregnancy have side effects?


What are the contraceptive pills without side effects?

Any birth control pill may cause side effects for any women. All women can expect changes in bleeding (good or bad) from the pill. The side effects from contraceptive pills are significantly lower than the side effects of pregnancy, so it's a good trade-off for most women. Talk to your health care provider about your specific concerns, and she can hep you choose a method that you can live with.

What are the side effects of eating uncooked rice during pregnancy?

There are many possible side effects of eating uncooked rice during pregnancy. The main problem may arise in the digestion. Raw rice can however serve as a good source of starch.

What are the side effects of taking microgest200 intra vaginally during pregnanacy 1 month?

The main side effects from vaginal progesterone during pregnancy is increased vaginal discharge.

What are some common side effects of the HCG diet?

Side effects to hcg drops can be severe and they are not considered safe. Side effects include blood clots, headaches, fatigue, rash and leg cramps to name a few. Hcg is a pregnancy hormone.

What are the side effects of migranil?

Migranil is a drug that may be prescribed to help prevent migraine attacks. The potential side effects of Migranil include drowsiness and an increase in appetite.