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You can download Google Chrome from its website. It's free of cost and does not charge anything.


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delete google chrome from my computer

Yes Google Chrome is a application.

Reset your computer or re-install Google Chrome.

No. Google Chrome will not harm your computer nor install any type of spyware or virus.

Google chrome is the best internet browser and does not harm your computer. Internet sites containing viruses harm your computer.

You can get it for free in the Chrome Web Store if you have Google Chrome on your computer. Google Chrome is a web browser that is very fast and free. I hope this answered your question!

Google is a website so it does not use bookmarks. However we can put bookmarks in Google Chrome.

If you lost your Chrome, you can download it. The download is available on the website.

Google Chrome was put into use for public in Dec 2008. It was a beta version released then.

It could be possible that your computer is not up to date. Google Chrome only supports Windows XP and Vista.

you maybe check the back of the computer maybe

Because the Fathom runs Windows Mobile, rather than Google Android, it is not possible to put Chrome on it

You must sign out of your Google Account, or if you mean Chrome, then you must sign out of your Chrome Account. You can do that by typing in chrome://options.

You cannot download Chrome, without your computer's support. It is what you are installing Chrome at.

You cannot add a folder to Google Chrome externally. There would be nothing to put in a folder.

You have to put your Google ID and password in it. It is synced with the Google accounts as a Google product.

well first you have to download google chrome. what you have to do is go the go google chrome store. then you put in instagram and then you have it

Start > Google Chrome > Google Chrome

Yes. You can download it on your computer.

You can not on google chrome, except for a whole theme. Which you can get on google. Otherwise, by logging in google you can put any picture as the background of the site : google. Hope, it helped.

Yes there has been an update for google Chrome in the past year. Google Chrome updates constantly to fix and update bugs and errors. It updates automatically to your computer.

Go to the Google store and go to themes.

To uninstall Google Chrome:If you have a Windows computer:Go to Start > All Programs > Google Chrome > Uninstall Google Chrome.You can also delete information of what pages you have visited in Google Chrome by selecting the "Also delete browsing data" check box.Select the web browser you'd like to set as default.Click "Ok". The uninstall process will begin.If you have a Mac computer:Go to the folder which contains Google Chrome.Drag Google Chrom to the trash icon in the dock.For instructions that are more detailed, visit this page:

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